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超值精選 The Ultimate Jazz Archive 1899年-1956年

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商品名稱: 超值精選 The Ultimate Jazz Archive 1899年-1956年

商品分類: MP3-DVD9音樂合輯

商品類型: 168片CD合成一片DVD-MP3

語系版本: 站長完整超強合輯

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更新日期: 2011-05-30


01.1_Scott Joplin (1899-1917)
01_Original Rags.mp3
02_Maple Leaf Rag.mp3
03_Sun Flower Slow Drag.mp3
04_Elite Syncopations.mp3
05_The Entertainer.mp3
07_Something Doing.mp3
08_The Chrysanthemum.mp3
10_Lily Queen.mp3
11_Heliotrope Bouquet.mp3
12_Pineapple Rag.mp3
13_Paragon Rag.mp3
14_Euphonic Sounds.mp3
15_Country Club.mp3
16_Stoptime Rag.mp3
17_Scott Joplin's New Rag.mp3
18_Reflection Rag.mp3

01.2_Original Dixieland Jazz Band (1917-1921)
01_Livery Stable Blues.mp3
02_Dixie Jass Band One Step.mp3
03_At the Jazz Band Ball.mp3
04_Ostrich Walk.mp3
05_Skeleton Jangle.mp3
06_Tiger Rag.mp3
07_Bluin' the Blues.mp3
08_Fidgety Feet (War Cloud).mp3
09_Sensation Rag.mp3
10_Mournin' Blues.mp3
11_Clarinet Marmalade Blues.mp3
12_Lazy Daddy.mp3
15_Broadway Rose.mp3
16_Sweet Mama (Papa's Getting Mad).mp3
17_Home Again Blues.mp3
18_Crazy Blues.mp3

01.3_New Orleans Rhythm Kings (1922-1935)
02_Farewell Blues.mp3
03_Bugle Call Blues.mp3
05_Tiger Rag.mp3
06_Sweet Lovin' Man.mp3
07_That's A-Plenty.mp3
09_Weary Blues.mp3
10_Maple Leaf.mp3
11_Rag Tin Roof Blues.mp3
12_Clarinet Marmalade.mp3
13_Mr. Jelly Lord.mp3
14_London Blues.mp3
15_She's Crying for Me Blues.mp3
16_Golden Leaf Strut.mp3
17_She's Crying for Me.mp3
18_San Antonio Shout.mp3
19_Tin Roof Blues.mp3
20_Original Dixieland One-Step.mp3
22_(Oh! Susanna) Dust Off That Old Pianna.mp3

01.4_King Oliver (1923-1930)
01_Crimes Blues.mp3
02_Canal Street Blues.mp3
03_Snake Rag.mp3
04_Dippermouth Blues.mp3
05_Chattanooga Stomp.mp3
06_Camp Meeting Blues.mp3
07_Riverside Blues.mp3
08_Snag It.mp3
09_Sugar Foot Stomp.mp3
10_Wa Wa Wa.mp3
11_Showboat Shuffle.mp3
12_I'm Watchin' the Clock.mp3
13_Speakeasy Blues.mp3
14_Aunt Hagar's Blues.mp3
15_West End Blues.mp3
16_I Want You Just for Myself.mp3
17_New Orleans Shout.mp3
18_You're Just My Type.mp3

02.1_Jelly Roll Morton (1923-1927)
01_New Orleans (Blues) Joys.mp3
02_Grandpa's Spells (A Stomp).mp3
03_Thirty-Fifth Street Blues.mp3
04_Froggie Moore.mp3
05_London Blues.mp3
06_Tia Juana (Tee Wana).mp3
08_Bucktown Blues.mp3
09_Tom cat Blues.mp3
10_Perfect Rag.mp3
11_The Pearls.mp3
12_Sweethearts O'Mine.mp3
13_Fat Meat and Greens.mp3
14_Black Bottom Stomp.mp3
15_The Chant.mp3
16_Doctor Jazz.mp3
17_Grandpa's Spells.mp3
18_Original Jelly-Roll Blues.mp3
19_Cannon Ball Blues.mp3
20_Wild Man Blues.mp3

02.2_Duke Ellington (1924-1927)
01_Choo Choo (Gotta Hurry Home).mp3
02_Rainy Nights.mp3
03_I'm Gonna Hang Around My Sugar.mp3
04_Trombone Blues.mp3
05_Georgia Grind.mp3
06_Parlour Social Stomp.mp3
07_(You've Got Those) Wanna-Go-Back-Again-Blues.mp3
08_If You Can't Hold the Man You Love.mp3
09_Animal Crackers.mp3
10_Li'l Farina.mp3
11_East St. Louis Toodle-O.mp3
12_Birmingham Breakdown.mp3
13_Immigration Blues.mp3
14_The Creeper.mp3
15_New-Orleans Low-Down.mp3
16_Song of the Cotton Field.mp3
17_Birmingham Breakdown.mp3
18_East St. Louis Toodle-Oo.mp3
19_East St. Louis Toodle-Oo.mp3
20_Hop Head.mp3

02.3_Bix Beiderbecke (1924-1928)
01_Oh Baby.mp3
02_Riverboat Shuffle.mp3
03_Tiger Rag.mp3
04_Big Boy.mp3
05_My Pretty Girl.mp3
06_Singin' the Blues.mp3
07_Slow River.mp3
08_Riverboat Shuffle.mp3
09_I'm Coming Virginia.mp3
10_Way Down Yonder in New Orleans.mp3
11_For No Reason At All in C.mp3
12_In a Mist (Bixology).mp3
14_At the Jazz Band Ball.mp3
15_Jazz Me Blues.mp3
17_Since My Best Gal Turned Me Down.mp3
18_Lonely Melody.mp3
19_Mississippi Mud.mp3
20_From Monday On.mp3
21_Rhythm King.mp3
22_I'll be a Friend 'With Pleasure'.mp3

02.4_Buster Bailey (1924-1942)
02_Santa Claus Blues.mp3
03_Jazzbo Brown From Memphis Town.mp3
04_Sensation Rag.mp3
06_There's a House in Harlem for Sale.mp3
07_Wild Party.mp3
08_Shanghai Shuffle.mp3
09_Warming Up.mp3
10_More Than That.mp3
11_Rhythm, Rhythm.mp3
12_I've Found a New Baby.mp3
13_Dizzy Debutante.mp3
14_Lorna Doone Short Bread.mp3
15_Knock-Kneed Sal (On the Mourner's Bench).mp3
16_Corrine Corrini.mp3
17_Royal Garden Blues.mp3
18_I'm Cuttin' Out.mp3
19_Eccentric Rag.mp3
20_Can't We be Friends!.mp3
22_St. Louis Blues.mp3

03.1_Johnny Dodds (1923-1929)
01_High Society Rag.mp3
02_Drop That Sack.mp3
03_Lonesome Blues.mp3
04_Perdido Street Blues.mp3
06_Too Tight.mp3
07_Flat Foot.mp3
08_I Can't Say.mp3
09_Someday, Sweetheart.mp3
10_Memphis Shake.mp3
11_Carpet Alley-Breakdown.mp3
13_Clarinet Wobble.mp3
14_If You Want to be My Sugar Papa.mp3
15_New Orleans Stomp.mp3
16_Billy Goat Stomp.mp3
17_Weavy Way Blues.mp3
18_After You've Gone.mp3
19_Come on and Stomp, Stomp, Stomp.mp3
20_Joe Turner Blues.mp3
21_Piggly Wiggly.mp3
22_Oriental Man.mp3

03.2_Louis Armstrong (1926-1931)
01_Cornet Chop Suey.mp3
02_Don't Forget to Mess Around.mp3
04_Twelfth Street Rag.mp3
05_Struttin' with Some Barbecue.mp3
06_Wild Man Blues.mp3
08_A Monday Date.mp3
09_West End Blues.mp3
10_Basin Street Blues.mp3
11_Weather Bird.mp3
12_Mahogany Hall Stomp.mp3
13_(What Did I do to be So) Black and Blue.mp3
14_Dear Old Southland.mp3
16_If I Could be with You One Hour Tonight.mp3
17_Tiger Rag.mp3
18_Them There Eyes.mp3
20_Lazy River.mp3
21_Star Dust.mp3

03.3_Luis Russell (1926-1934)
01_29th and Dearborn.mp3
02_Sweet Mumtaz.mp3
03_Plantation Joys.mp3
04_Please Don't Turn Me Down.mp3
05_Dolly Mine.mp3
06_Broadway Rhythm.mp3
07_The Way He Loves is Just Too Bad.mp3
08_I Got Rhythm.mp3
09_Saratoga Drag.mp3
10_Ease on Down.mp3
11_Honey, That Reminds Me.mp3
12_You Rascal You.mp3
13_Goin' to Town.mp3
14_Say the Word.mp3
15_Freakish Blues.mp3
16_At the Darktown Strutter's Ball.mp3
17_My Blue Heaven.mp3
18_Ghost of the Freaks.mp3
19_Hokus Pokus.mp3

03.4_Red Nichols (1927-1928)
01_Riverboat Shuffle.mp3
04_On the Alamo.mp3
05_Rose of the Washington Square.mp3
06_Peg O' My Heart.mp3
07_Sweet Georgia Brown.mp3
08_China Boy.mp3
09_The Sheik of Araby.mp3
10_Corrine Corinna.mp3
11_Fan It.mp3
12_Harlem Twist.mp3
13_The Darktown Strutter's Ball.mp3
14_Davenport Blues.mp3
15_Original Dixieland One-Step.mp3

04.1_McKinney's Cotton Pickers (1928-1929)
01_Four or Five Times.mp3
02_Put it There.mp3
03_Crying and Sighing.mp3
04_Milenberg Joys.mp3
05_Forgetting You.mp3
07_Stop Kidding.mp3
08_Nobody's Sweetheart.mp3
09_Some Sweet Day.mp3
11_My Blackbirds Are Bluebirds Now.mp3
12_Don't be Like That.mp3
13_Don't be Like That.mp3
14_It's Tight Like That.mp3
15_There's a Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder.mp3
16_It's a Precious Little Thing Called Love.mp3
17_Save It, Pretty Mama.mp3
18_I Found a New Baby.mp3
19_Will You, Won't You be My Baby!.mp3
20_Beedle Um Bum.mp3
21_Do Something.mp3
22_Selling That Stuff.mp3
23_Birmingham Bertha.mp3
24_Plain Dirt.mp3
25_Gee, Ain't I Good to You.mp3

04.2_Jack Teagarden (1928-1934)
01_She's a Great Girl.mp3
02_I Couldn't if I Wanted To.mp3
03_Makin' Friends.mp3
04_That's a Serious Thing.mp3
05_Knockin' a Jug.mp3
06_My Kinda Love.mp3
07_Dirty Dog.mp3
08_Tailspin Blues.mp3
09_Ridin' But Walkin'.mp3
10_Loved One.mp3
11_Basin Street Blues.mp3
12_That's What I Like About You.mp3
13_Texas Tea Party.mp3
14_A Hundred Years From Today.mp3
15_I'm Down in the Dumps.mp3
16_Stars Fell on Alabama.mp3

04.3_J.C. Higginbotham (1929-1940)
01_Mahogany Hall Stomp.mp3
02_It Should be You.mp3
03_Swing Out.mp3
04_Feelin' the Spirit.mp3
05_Jersey Lightning.mp3
06_St. Louis Blues.mp3
07_Doctor Jazz.mp3
08_Saragota Shout.mp3
09_Give Me Your Telephone Number.mp3
10_Sugar Hill Friction.mp3
11_You Might Get Better, But You'll Never Get Well.mp3
12_On Revival Day.mp3
13_Muggin' Lightly.mp3
14_Ease on Down.mp3
15_Casa Loma Stomp.mp3
16_Symphony in Riffs.mp3
17_Roll Along, Praire Moon.mp3
18_That's How I Feel Today.mp3
19_I Double Dare You.mp3
20_Let That be a Lesson to You.mp3
21_When the Saints Go Marchign In.mp3
22_The Sheik of Araby.mp3

04.4_Benny Carter (1929-1933)
01_That's How I Feel.mp3
02_Six or Seven Times.mp3
03_Goodbye Blues.mp3
04_Cloudy Skies.mp3
05_Got Another Sweetie Now.mp3
06_Bugle Call Rag.mp3
07_Dee Blues.mp3
08_Tell All Your Day Dreams to Me.mp3
09_Swing It.mp3
10_Synthetic Love.mp3
11_Six Bells Stampede.mp3
12_Love, You're Not the One for Me.mp3
14_Someone Stole Gabriel's Horn.mp3
16_Bugle Call Rag.mp3
19_Sweet Sorrow Blues.mp3
20_Music At Midnight.mp3
21_Sweet Sue - Just You.mp3
22_Air in D Flat.mp3
23_Donegal Cradle Song.mp3

05.1_Clarence Williams (1929-1930)
01_Whoop it Up.mp3
02_I'm Not Worrying.mp3
03_High Society.mp3
04_Whoop it Up.mp3
05_A Pane in the Glass.mp3
06_Freeze Out.mp3
07_Nervous Breakdown.mp3
08_Railroad Rhythm.mp3
09_You've Got to Give Me Some.mp3
10_I've Got What it Takes.mp3
11_You Don't Understand.mp3
12_(Oh! Baby) What Makes Me Love You So!.mp3
14_You've Got to be Modernistic.mp3
15_What if We Do.mp3
16_Wipe 'Em Off.mp3
17_Left All Alone with the Blues.mp3
18_I've Found a New Baby.mp3
19_How Could I be Blue!.mp3
20_I've Found a New Baby.mp3
21_Whip Me with Plenty of Love.mp3
22_Worn Out Blues.mp3

05.2_Fletcher Henderson (1927)
01_Shuffling Sadie.mp3
02_Fidgety Feet.mp3
04_Wabash Blues.mp3
05_The Wang-Wang Blues.mp3
06_St. Louis Shuffle.mp3
07_Swamp Blues.mp3
08_Off to Buffalo.mp3
09_St. Louis Shuffle.mp3
10_Variety Stomp.mp3
11_P.D.Q. Blues.mp3
12_Livery Stable Blues.mp3
13_Whiteman Stomp.mp3
14_I'm Coming Virginia.mp3
16_Variety Stomp.mp3
17_The St. Louis Blues.mp3
18_Hop Off.mp3
19_Rough House Blues.mp3
20_Black Maria.mp3
21_Goose Pimples.mp3
23_A Rhythmic Dream.mp3
24_Hop Off.mp3

05.3_Jabbo Smith's Rhythm Aces (1929-1938)
01_Jazz Battle.mp3
02_Little Willie Blues.mp3
03_Sleepy Time Blues.mp3
04_Take Your Time.mp3
05_Sweet and Low Blues.mp3
06_Take Me to the River.mp3
07_Ace of Rhythm.mp3
08_Let's Get Together.mp3
09_Sau-Sha Stomp.mp3
10_Michigander Blues.mp3
11_Decatur Street Tutti.mp3
12_Till Times Get Better.mp3
13_Lina Blues.mp3
14_Weird and Blue.mp3
15_Croonin' the Blues.mp3
16_I Got the Stinger.mp3
17_Boston Skiffle.mp3
18_Tanguay Blues.mp3
19_Band Box Stomp.mp3
20_Moanful Blues.mp3
21_Rhythm in Spain.mp3
23_More Rain, More Rest.mp3
24_How Can Cupid be So Stupid!.mp3

05.4_The Rhythmakers (1932)
01_Bugle Call Rag.mp3
02_Oh! Peter.mp3
04_Spider Crawl.mp3
05_Who's Sorry Now!.mp3
06_Take it Slow and Easy.mp3
07_Bold-Headed Mama.mp3
08_Mean Old Bed Bug Blues.mp3
09_I Would do Anything for You.mp3
10_Yellow Dog Blues.mp3
11_Yes Suh!.mp3
12_Who Stole the Lock!.mp3
13_Shine on Your Shoes.mp3
14_It's Gonna be You.mp3
15_Someone Stole Gabriel's Horn.mp3

06.1_Sidney Bechet (1932-1939)
01_I've Found a New Baby.mp3
02_Sweetie Dear.mp3
04_Maple Leaf Rag.mp3
05_Really the Blues.mp3
06_Weary Blues.mp3
07_Polka Dot Rag.mp3
08_Tain't a Fight Night Out for Man or Beast.mp3
09_Characteristic Blues.mp3
10_Black Stick Blues.mp3
11_When the Sun Sets Down South (Southern Sunset).mp3
12_Jungle Drums.mp3
13_Chant in the Night.mp3
15_When You and I Where Young, Maggie.mp3
17_Oh, Didn't He Ramble.mp3
18_I Thought I Heard Buddy Bolden Say.mp3
19_High Society.mp3
20_Winin' Boy Blues.mp3

06.2_Washboard Rhythm Kings (1933)
01_Swing Gate.mp3
02_Hustlin' and Bustlin' for Baby.mp3
03_Going! Going! Gone.mp3
04_A Ghost of a Chance.mp3
05_Midnight Rhythm.mp3
06_Shuffle Off to Buffalo.mp3
07_The Coming Home of Hi-De-Hoo.mp3
08_Sophisticated Lady.mp3
09_Nobody's Sweetheart.mp3
10_My Pretty Girl.mp3
13_Happy as the Days is Long.mp3
14_I Would if I Could But I Can't.mp3
15_Hard Corn.mp3
16_Hot Nuts.mp3
17_Shoutin' in the Amen Corner.mp3
18_Move Turtle.mp3
19_I Want to Ring Bells.mp3

06.3_Mezz Mezzrow (1936-1939)
01_Mutiny in the Parlor.mp3
02_The Panic is On.mp3
03_I'se A-Muggin - Part 1.mp3
04_I'se A-Muggin - Part 2.mp3
05_Blues in Disguise.mp3
06_Thats How I Feel Today.mp3
07_Hot Club Stomp.mp3
08_The Swing Session's Called to Order.mp3
09_Revolutionary Blues.mp3
10_Comin' on with the Come on - Part 1.mp3
11_Comin' on with the Come on - Part 2.mp3
12_Swingin' for Mezz (Careless Love).mp3
13_Royal Garden Blues.mp3
14_Everybody Loves My Baby.mp3
15_I Ain't Gonna Give Nobody None O'This Jelly Roll.mp3
16_If You See Me Comin'.mp3
17_Gettin' Together.mp3
18_I'm Tired of Fattenin' Frogs for Snakes.mp3
19_Stop It, Joe.mp3
20_My Man Jumped Salty on Me.mp3
21_Double Crossin' Papa.mp3

06.4_Pee Wee Russell (1938-1945)
01_Love is Just Around the Corner.mp3
02_Embraceable You.mp3
03_Serenade to a Shylock.mp3
05_There'll be Some Changes Made.mp3
06_Friar's Point Shuffle.mp3
07_(I Ain't Give Nobody) None of My Jelly Roll.mp3
08_Georgia Grind.mp3
09_Jig Walk.mp3
10_Deuces Wild.mp3
11_The Last Time I Saw Chicago.mp3
12_About Face.mp3
13_Don't Leave Me Daddy.mp3
15_Someone to Watch Over Me.mp3
16_Squeeze Me.mp3
17_Take Me to the Land of Jazz.mp3
18_Rose of Washington Square.mp3
19_Keepin' Out of Mischief Now.mp3
20_D.A. Blues.mp3
21_Wailin' D.A. Blues.mp3

07.1_Muggsy Spanier (1939-1944)
01_At the Jazz Band Ball.mp3
02_Sister Kate.mp3
03_Dippermouth Blues (Sugar Foot Stomp).mp3
04_Riverboat Shuffle.mp3
05_Relaxin' At the Touro.mp3
06_At Sundown.mp3
07_Bluin' the Blues.mp3
08_Lonesome Raod.mp3
09_Sweet Lorraine.mp3
10_Four or Five Times.mp3
11_That's a Plenty.mp3
12_Sweet Sue, Just You.mp3
13_Oh! Lady be Good.mp3
14_Memphis Blues.mp3
15_Whistlin' the Blues.mp3

07.2_Bud Freeman (1939-1940)
02_Fidgety Feet.mp3
03_Tia Juana.mp3
05_I've Found a New Baby.mp3
06_Easy to Get.mp3
07_China Boy.mp3
08_The Eel.mp3
09_Oh! Baby.mp3
10_I Need Some Pettin'.mp3
12_Big Boy.mp3
13_As Long as I Live.mp3
14_The Sail Fish.mp3
16_Satanic Blues.mp3
17_Jack Hits the Road.mp3
18_Forty-Seven and State.mp3
19_Muskat Rumble.mp3
20_That Da-Da Strain.mp3
22_At the Jazz Band Ball.mp3
23_Prince of Wails.mp3
24_After Awhile.mp3
25_Love is Just Around the Corner.mp3

07.3_Eddie Condon (1939-1946)
01_There'll be Some Changes Made.mp3
02_Nobody's Sweetheart.mp3
03_Friar's Point Shuffle.mp3
04_Someday, Sweetheart.mp3
05_When Your Lover Has Gone.mp3
06_Wherever There's Love.mp3
07_Impromptu Ensemble No. 1.mp3
08_'S Wonderful.mp3
09_Someone to Watch Over Me.mp3
10_The Sheik of Araby.mp3
11_The Man I Love.mp3
12_Somebody Loves Me.mp3
13_I'll Build a Stairway to Paradise.mp3
14_My One and Only.mp3
15_Oh! Lady be Good.mp3
17_Farewell Blues.mp3
18_Improvisation for the March of Time.mp3
19_(I've Got a Woman, Crazy for Me) She's Funny That Way.mp3
20_Stars Fell on Alabama.mp3

07.4_George Wettling (1940-1944)
01_I've Found a New Baby.mp3
02_Bugle Call Rag.mp3
03_I Wish I Would Shimmy Like My Sister Kate.mp3
04_The Darktown Strutter's Ball.mp3
05_Some of These Days.mp3
06_Everybody Loves My Baby.mp3
07_China Boy.mp3
08_That's a Plenty.mp3
09_Heebie Jeebies.mp3
10_Struttin' with Some Barbecue.mp3
11_How Come You do Me Like You Do.mp3
12_Blues for Stu.mp3
13_Home, Cradle of Happiness.mp3
14_Too Marvellous for Words.mp3
15_You Brought a New Kind of Love.mp3
16_Somebody Loves Me.mp3

08.1_Lu Watters (1942)
01_Fidgety Feet.mp3
02_Fidgety Feet (Alternative Take).mp3
03_Milenberg Joys.mp3
04_High Society.mp3
05_High Society (Alternative Take).mp3
06_Hot House Rag.mp3
07_Come Back Sweet Papa.mp3
08_Daddy Do.mp3
09_Daddy do (Alternative Take).mp3
10_Tiger Rag.mp3
11_London Cafe Blues.mp3
12_London Cafe Blues (Alternative Take).mp3
13_Terrible Blues.mp3
14_Muskat Rumble.mp3
15_Muskat Rumble (Alternative Take).mp3
16_Temptation Rag.mp3
17_Sunset Cafe Stomp.mp3
18_Sunset Cafe Stomp (Alternative Take).mp3
19_Riverside Blues.mp3
20_Riverside Blues (Alternative Take).mp3

08.2_Bobby Hackett (1938-1944)
01_That Da-Da Strain.mp3
02_At the Jazz Band Ball.mp3
03_Clarinet Marmalade.mp3
04_After I Say I'm Sorry.mp3
05_Love is Just Around the Corner.mp3
08_California Here I Come.mp3
09_Rose Room.mp3
10_'S Wonderful.mp3
11_Ja-Da (Alternative Take 1).mp3
12_Ja-Da (Alternative Take 2).mp3
13_Exactly Like You.mp3
14_Sweet Georgia Brown.mp3
16_When Days is Gone.mp3
17_Skeleton Jangle.mp3
18_New Orleans.mp3
19_At Sundown.mp3
20_I Must Have That Man.mp3
21_When Your Lover is Gone.mp3

08.3_Edmond Hall (1941-1944)
01_Jammin' in Four.mp3
02_Edmond Hall Blues.mp3
03_Profoundly Blue No. 2.mp3
04_Celestial Express.mp3
05_Royal Garden Blues.mp3
06_Blues At the Blue Note.mp3
07_High Society.mp3
08_The Man I Love.mp3
09_Rompin' in '44.mp3
10_Seein' Red.mp3
11_I've Found a New Baby.mp3
12_It's Been So Long.mp3
13_I Can't Believe That You're in Love with Me.mp3
14_Big City Blues.mp3
15_It's Only a Chanty in Old Chanty Town.mp3
16_Walkin' the Dog.mp3
17_Tishomingo Blues.mp3
19_The Sheik of Araby.mp3

08.4_Barney Bigard (1944)
02_Ain't Goin' No Place.mp3
03_Someday Sweetheart.mp3
04_That Old Feeling.mp3
05_Tea for Two.mp3
06_Steps Steps Up.mp3
07_Steps Steps Down.mp3
09_Oh, Didn't He Ramble.mp3
10_Crawfish Blues.mp3
11_Barney's Bounce.mp3
12_Lulu's Mood.mp3
13_A Portrait of Louise.mp3
14_A Lull At Dawn.mp3
15_Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams.mp3
16_Soft and Warm.mp3
17_Salty Papa Blues.mp3
18_Evil Gal Blues.mp3
19_Blow Top Blues.mp3
20_Long, Long Journey.mp3

09.1_Kid Ory (1948)
01_Panama Rag.mp3
02_Sister Kate.mp3
03_Mahogany Hall Stomp.mp3
05_Chinatown, My Chinatown.mp3
06_Do You Know What it Means, to Miss New Orlans.mp3
07_Sugar Foot Stomp.mp3
08_Black and Blue.mp3
09_Oh! Didn't He Ramble.mp3
10_At the Jazz Band Ball.mp3
11_High Society.mp3
12_Sweet Georgia Brown.mp3
14_Shake That Thing.mp3
15_Ory's Boogie.mp3

09.2_Wilbur De Paris (1951-1952)
01_Milenberg Joys.mp3
02_Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home.mp3
03_Change of Key Boogie, Part 1.mp3
04_Change of Key Boogie, Part 2.mp3
05_Blues (My Naughtie Sweetie Gives to Me).mp3
06_Marchin' and Swingin'.mp3
07_Original Jelly Roll Blues.mp3
08_Too Much Mustard.mp3
09_The Florida Blues.mp3
10_The Pearls.mp3
11_Russian Rag.mp3
12_Blame it on the Blues.mp3
13_Alexander's Ragtime Band.mp3

09.3_The George Lewis Ragtime Jazz Band Of New Orleans (1952)
03_Bourbon St. Parade.mp3
04_When the Saints.mp3
05_High Society.mp3
06_Ice Cream.mp3
07_Tishomingo Blues.mp3
09_Darktown Strutter's Ball.mp3
10_Milenberg Joys.mp3

09.4_Louis Armstrong (1955)
01_When It's Sleepy Time Down South.mp3
02_Some Day.mp3
03_Tin Roof Blues.mp3
04_My Buckets Got a Hole in It.mp3
05_Rose Room.mp3
07_Blues for Bass.mp3
08_Me and Brother Bill.mp3
09_When You're Smiling (The Whole World Smiles with You).mp3
10_Tain't What You Do.mp3
11_Don't Fence with Me.mp3
12_C'est Si Bon.mp3
13_The Whiffenpoof Song.mp3
14_Rockin' Chair.mp3
15_Back O'Town Blues.mp3

10.1_Bessie Smith (1923-1931)
01_I'm Going Back to My Used to Be.mp3
02_My Sweet Went Away.mp3
03_Whoa, Willie, Take Your Time.mp3
04_Any Woman's Blues.mp3
05_Chicago Bound Blues.mp3
06_Mistreating Daddy.mp3
07_Frosty Morning Blues.mp3
08_Easy Come Easy Go Blues.mp3
09_Eavedropper's Blues.mp3
10_Haunted House Blues.mp3
11_Sorrowful Blues.mp3
12_Rocking Chair Blues.mp3
13_Ticket Agent, Ease Your Window Down.mp3
14_Boweavil Blues.mp3
15_Hateful Blues.mp3
16_Pinchbecks - Take 'Em Away.mp3
17_Nashville Woman's Blues.mp3
18_Sweet Mistreater.mp3
19_Mean Old Bedbug Blues.mp3
20_Blue Spirit Blues.mp3
21_Black Mountain Blues.mp3
22_The House Blues.mp3

10.2_Ma Rainey (1924-1925)
01_Farewell, Daddy Blues.mp3
02_Shave 'Em Dry Blues.mp3
03_Booze and Blues.mp3
04_Toad Frog Blues.mp3
05_Jealous Hearted Beat.mp3
06_See See Rider Blues.mp3
07_Jelly Bean Blues.mp3
08_Countin' the Blues.mp3
09_Cell Bound Blues.mp3
10_Army Camp Harmony Blues.mp3
11_Explaining the Blues.mp3
12_Louisiana Hoo Doo Blues.mp3
13_Goodbye, Daddy Blues.mp3
14_Stormy Sea Blues.mp3
15_Rough and TUmble Blues.mp3
16_Night Time Blues.mp3

10.3_Mississippi John Hurt (1928)
02_Nobody's Dirty Business.mp3
03_Ain't No Tellin'.mp3
04_Avalon Blues.mp3
05_Big Leg Blues.mp3
06_Stack O'Lee.mp3
07_Candy Man Blues.mp3
08_Got the Blues (Can't be Satisfied).mp3
09_Blessed be the Name.mp3
10_Praying on the Old Camp Ground.mp3
11_Blue Harvest Blues.mp3
12_Louis Collins.mp3
13_Spike Driver Blues.mp3

10.4_Tampa Red (1928-1942)
01_(Honey) It's Tight Like That.mp3
02_Big Fat Mama.mp3
03_Juicy Lemon Blues.mp3
04_Uncle Bud.mp3
05_How Long, How Long Blues.mp3
06_It's Tight Like That.mp3
07_Kujine Baby.mp3
08_Friendless Gal Blues.mp3
09_Death Cell Blues.mp3
10_Have You Ever Been Worried in Mind (Part 1).mp3
11_Have You Ever Been Worried in Mind (Part 2).mp3
12_You Rascal You.mp3
13_Boogie Woogie Dance.mp3
14_Bumble Bee Blues.mp3
15_Stop and Listen Blues.mp3
16_Down in Spirits Blues.mp3
17_Mean Old Tom Cat Blues.mp3
18_Don't Jive it Mama.mp3

11.1_T-Bone Walker (1929-1946)
01_Trinity River Blues.mp3
02_Wichita Falls Blues.mp3
03_T-Bone Blues.mp3
04_I Got a Break Baby.mp3
05_Mean Old World.mp3
06_Low Down Dirty Shame (Married Woman Blues).mp3
07_Sail on Boogie.mp3
08_Mean Old World Blues.mp3
09_You Don't Love Me Blues.mp3
10_T-Bone Boogie.mp3
11_I'm Still in Love with You.mp3
13_My Baby Left Me (Blues).mp3
14_Come Back to Me Baby (Blues).mp3
15_She's Going to Ruin Me (Blues).mp3
16_I Can't Stand Being Away From You (Blues).mp3
17_No Worry Blues.mp3
18_Don't Leave Me Baby.mp3
19_Bobby Sox Blues.mp3
20_I'm Gonna Find My Baby.mp3

11.2_Josh White (1932-1936)
01_Black and Evil Blues.mp3
02_Howling Wolf Blues.mp3
03_Greenville Sheik.mp3
04_Double Crossing Woman.mp3
05_Lazy Black Snake Blues.mp3
06_Downhearted Man Blues.mp3
07_Low Cotton.mp3
08_Lord, I Want to Die Easy.mp3
09_My Father is a Husbandman.mp3
10_Welfare Blues.mp3
11_Stormy Weather No. 1.mp3
12_Friendless City Blues.mp3
13_Milk Cow Blues.mp3
14_Badly Mistreated Man.mp3
15_New Milk Cow Blues.mp3
16_Black Man.mp3
17_Bed Springs Blues.mp3
18_Paul and Silas Bound in Jail.mp3
19_Did You Read That Letter!.mp3
20_Silicosis is Killin' Me.mp3

11.3_Blind Willie McTell (1931-1933)
01_Rough Alley Blues.mp3
02_Experience Blues.mp3
03_Painful Blues.mp3
04_Low Rider's Blues.mp3
05_Georgia Rag.mp3
06_Low Down Blues.mp3
07_Rollin' Mama Blues.mp3
08_Lonesome Day Blues.mp3
09_Mama, Let Me Scoop for You.mp3
10_Searching the Desert for the Blues.mp3
11_Warm it Up to Me.mp3
12_It's Your Time to Worry.mp3
13_It's a Good Little Thing.mp3
14_You Was Born to Die.mp3
15_Lord Have Mercy if You Please.mp3
16_Don't You See How This World Made a Change.mp3
17_Savannah Mama.mp3
18_Broke Down Engine.mp3
19_Broke Down Engine N!2.mp3
20_My Baby's Gone.mp3
21_Love-Makin' Mama.mp3
22_Death Room Blues.mp3
23_Lord, Send Me An Angel.mp3

11.4_Big Bill Broonzy (1932-1946)
01_Too Too Train Blues.mp3
02_Worrying You Out of My Mind (Part 1).mp3
03_How You Want it Done.mp3
04_Bull Cow Blues.mp3
05_Long Tall Mama.mp3
06_Good Jelly.mp3
07_Rising Sun Shine On.mp3
08_Good Liquor Gonna Carry Me Down.mp3
09_Friendless Blues.mp3
10_Mississippi River Blues.mp3
11_Come Home Early.mp3
12_Southern Flood Blues.mp3
13_Horny Frog.mp3
14_It's Your Time Now.mp3
15_W.P.A. Blues.mp3
16_Big Billy Blues.mp3

12.1_Leadbelly (1934-1940)
01_I'm Sorry Mama.mp3
02_Packin' Trunk.mp3
03_Four Day Worry Blues.mp3
04_Roberta Pt. 1.mp3
05_Death Letter Blues Pt.1.mp3
06_Fort Worth and Dallas Blues.mp3
07_Ox Drivin' Blues.mp3
08_TB Woman Blues.mp3
09_My Baby Quit Me.mp3
10_Midnight Special.mp3
12_Black Snake Moan.mp3
13_See See Rider.mp3
14_Shorty George.mp3
15_You Don't Mind.mp3
16_The Bourgeois Blues.mp3
17_John Hardy.mp3
18_Pick a Ball of Cotton.mp3
19_Grey Goose.mp3
20_Where Did You Sleep Last Night.mp3
21_Pretty Flower in Your Backyard.mp3

12.2_Big Joe Williams (1935-1945)
01_Little Leg Woman.mp3
02_Providence Help the Poor People.mp3
03_49 Highway Blues.mp3
04_Stepfather Blues.mp3
05_Baby Please Don't Go.mp3
06_Wild Cow Blues.mp3
07_Stack O'Dollars.mp3
08_I Know You Gonna Miss Me.mp3
09_Brother James.mp3
10_Rootin' Ground Hog.mp3
11_I Won't be in Hard Luck No More.mp3
12_Meet Me Around the Corner.mp3
13_Crawling King Snake.mp3
14_I'm Getting Wild About Her.mp3
15_Peach Orchard Mama.mp3
16_Please Don't Go.mp3
17_Break 'Em on Down.mp3
18_Someday Baby.mp3
19_His Spirit is Alive.mp3
20_Vitamin A.mp3
21_Somebody's Been Worryin'.mp3

12.3_Robert Johnson (1936-1937)
01_When You Got a Good Friend.mp3
02_Come on in My Kitchen.mp3
03_I Believe I'll Dust my Broom.mp3
04_Phonograph Blues.mp3
05_Terraplane Blues.mp3
06_Come on in My Kitchen.mp3
07_Kindhearted Woman Blues.mp3
08_When You Got a Good Friend.mp3
09_Rambling on My Mind.mp3
10_32-30 Blues.mp3
11_Dead Shrimp Blues.mp3
12_I'm a Steady Rollin' Man.mp3
13_Little Queen of Spades.mp3
14_From Four 'Till Late.mp3

12.4_Kokomo Arnold (1936-1937)
01_Try Some of That.mp3
02_Mister Charlie.mp3
03_Cutter Blues.mp3
04_Money Tree Man.mp3
05_Delmar Avenue.mp3
06_Shake That Thing.mp3
07_Backfence Picket Blues.mp3
08_Fool Man Blues.mp3
09_Long and Tall.mp3
10_Sally Dog.mp3
11_Cold Winter Blues.mp3
12_Sister Jane Cross the Hall.mp3
13_Wild Water Blues.mp3
14_Laugh and Grin Blues.mp3
15_Mean Old Twister.mp3
16_Red Beans and Rice.mp3
17_Set Down Gal.mp3

13.1_Sonny Boy Williamson (1937-1939)
01_Worried Me Blues.mp3
02_Black Gal Blues.mp3
03_Frigidaire Blues.mp3
04_Suzanna Blues.mp3
05_Early in the Morning.mp3
06_Sugar Mama Blues.mp3
07_Skinny Woman.mp3
08_My Little Cornelius.mp3
09_Decoration Blues.mp3
10_You Can Lead Me.mp3
11_Miss Louisa Blues.mp3
13_I'm Tired Trucking My Blues Away.mp3
14_Beauty Parlour.mp3
15_My Baby I've Been You're Slave.mp3
16_Doggin' My Love Around.mp3
17_Little Low Woman Blues.mp3
18_Sugar Mama Blues No. 2.mp3
19_Good Gal Blues.mp3
20_I'm Not Pleasing You.mp3
21_Honey Bee Blues.mp3

13.2_Sonny Terry (1937-1940)
01_Bye Bye Baby Blues.mp3
02_Mistreater, You're Going to be Sorry.mp3
03_Mean and No Good Woman.mp3
04_Pistol Slapper Blues.mp3
05_Stop Jivin' Me Mama.mp3
06_Train Whistle Blues.mp3
07_New Love Blues.mp3
08_I'm a Stranger Here.mp3
09_I Want Some of Your Pie.mp3
10_I Don't Care How Long.mp3
11_Blues and Worried Man.mp3
12_Harmonica and Washboard Breakdown.mp3
13_Harmonica Blues.mp3
14_Somebody's Been Talkin'.mp3
15_Harmonica Stomp.mp3
16_Twelve Gates to the City.mp3
17_You Got to Have Your Dollar.mp3
18_Don't Want No Skinny Woman.mp3

13.3_Sleepy John Estes (1937-1941)
01_Jack and Jill Blues.mp3
02_Poor Man's Friend.mp3
03_Hobo Jungle Blues.mp3
04_Airplane Blues.mp3
05_Floating Bridge.mp3
06_Need More Blues.mp3
07_Fire Department Blues.mp3
08_New Someday Baby.mp3
09_Liquor Store Blues.mp3
10_Brownsville Blues.mp3
11_Everybody Oughta Make a Change.mp3
12_Easin' Back to Tennessee.mp3
13_Clean Up At Home.mp3
14_Special Agent (Railroad Police Blues).mp3
15_Drop Down (I Don't Feel Welcome Here).mp3
16_Jailhouse Blues.mp3
17_Time is Drawing Near.mp3
18_Tell Me How About it (Mr. Tom's Blues).mp3
19_Mailman Blues.mp3
20_Mary Come on Home.mp3
21_Working Man Blues.mp3
22_Don't You Want to Know.mp3
23_Lawyer Clark Blues.mp3
24_You Shouldn't do That.mp3
25_Little Laura Blues.mp3
26_When the Saints Go Marching In.mp3

13.4_Brownie Mcghee (1940-1941)
01_Picking My Tomatoes.mp3
02_I'm Callin' Daisy.mp3
03_Me and My Dog Blues.mp3
04_Born for Bad Luck.mp3
05_Step it Up and Down.mp3
06_Let Me Tell You 'Bout My Baby.mp3
07_Prison Woman Blues.mp3
08_Be Good to Me.mp3
09_My Barkin' Bulldog Blues.mp3
10_Not Guilty Blues.mp3
11_Coal Miner Blues.mp3
12_Back Door Stranger.mp3
13_Step it Up and Down No. 2.mp3
14_Got to Find My Little Woman.mp3
15_Dealing with the Devil.mp3
16_I'm a Black Woman's Man.mp3
17_Woman, I'm Done.mp3
18_Death of Blind Boy Fuller.mp3

14.1_Memphis Slim (1940-1941)01_Picking My Tomatoes.mp3
01_The Jive Blues.mp3
02_Diggin' My Potatoes N!2.mp3
03_Last Pair of Shoes Blues.mp3
04_Miss Ora Lee Blues.mp3
05_Blue Evening Blues.mp3
06_Blues At Midnight.mp3
07_Beer Drinking Woman.mp3
08_You Didn't Mean Me No.mp3
09_Grinder Man Blues.mp3
10_Empty Room Blues.mp3
11_Shelby County Blues.mp3
12_I See My Great Mistake.mp3
13_Old Taylor.mp3
14_I Believe I'll Settle Down.mp3
15_Jasper' Gal.mp3
16_You Got to Help Me Some.mp3
17_Two of a Kind.mp3
18_Whiskey Store Blues.mp3
19_Maybe I'll Loan a Dime.mp3
20_Me, Myself, and I.mp3
21_You Gonna Worry Too.mp3
22_This Life I'm Living.mp3
23_Caught the Old Coon Last Night.mp3
24_Lend Me Your Love.mp3

14.2_Muddy Waters (1941-1942)
01_Country Blues.mp3
02_I Be's Troubled.mp3
03_Burr Clover Farm Blues.mp3
04_Take a Walk with Me.mp3
05_Burr Clover Blues.mp3
06_Walkin' Blues.mp3
07_Can't be Satisfied.mp3
08_Gypsy Woman.mp3
09_Mean Red Spider.mp3
10_I Feel Like Going Home.mp3
11_Little Anna Mae.mp3
12_Train Fare Home Blues.mp3
13_Little Geneva.mp3
14_Rollin' and Tumblin'.mp3
16_Rolling Stone.mp3
17_You Gonna Miss Me.mp3

14.3_Arthur 'Big Boy' Crudup (1941-1946)
01_Black Pony Blues.mp3
02_Death Valley Blues.mp3
03_If I Get Lucky.mp3
04_Kind Lover Blues.mp3
05_Standing At My Window.mp3
06_Mean Old Frisco Blues.mp3
07_Gonna Follow My Baby.mp3
08_Give Me a 32-30.mp3
09_My Mama Don't Allow Me.mp3
10_Raised to My Hand.mp3
11_Who's Been Foolin' You.mp3
12_Cool Disposition.mp3
13_Rock Me Mama.mp3
14_Keep Your Arms Around Me.mp3
15_I'm in the Mood.mp3
16_That's Your Red Wagon.mp3
17_Dirt Road Blues.mp3
18_She's Gone.mp3
19_Boy Friend Blues.mp3
20_No More Lovers.mp3

15.4_Johnny Otis (1949-1950)
01_I Gotta Guy.mp3
02_Mean Ole Blues.mp3
03_Thursday Night Blues.mp3
04_Good Ole Blues.mp3
05_Boogie Guitar (Three Guitars).mp3
06_Ain't Nothin' Shakin'.mp3
07_Hangover Blues.mp3
08_Get Together Blues.mp3
09_I'm Not Falling in Love with You.mp3
10_If It's So Baby.mp3
11_Our Romance is Gone.mp3
12_If I Didn't Love You So.mp3
13_Rain in My Eyes.mp3
14_Double Crossing Blues.mp3
15_Head Hunter.mp3
16_Going to See My Baby.mp3
17_The Little Red Hen.mp3
18_New Orleans Shuffle.mp3
19_The Turkey Hop (Part 1).mp3
20_The Turkey Hop (Part 2).mp3
21_Blues Nocturne.mp3
22_Cry Baby.mp3
23_Lover's Lane Boogie.mp3
24_I Found Out My Troubles.mp3

14.4_Big Joe Turner (1941-1946)
01_Nobody in My Mind.mp3
02_Somebody Got to Go.mp3
03_Ice Man.mp3
04_Chewed Up Grass.mp3
05_Rocks in My Bed.mp3
06_Blues on Central Avenue.mp3
07_Goin' to Chicago Blues.mp3
08_Sun Risin' Blues.mp3
09_Blues in the Night.mp3
10_Cry Baby Blues.mp3
11_It's the Same Old Story.mp3
13_Little Gal's Blues.mp3
14_I Got a Gal (For Every Day in the Week).mp3
15_S. K. Blues Part 1.mp3
16_S. K. Blues Part 2.mp3
17_Johnson and Turner Blues.mp3
18_Watch That Jive.mp3
19_Howlin' Winds.mp3
20_Doggin' the Blues (Low Dog Blues).mp3
21_I Got My Discharge Papers.mp3

15.1_Roosevelt Sykes (1944-1950)
01_Jivin' the Jive.mp3
02_Mellow Queen.mp3
03_Strange Woman.mp3
04_This Tavern Boogie.mp3
05_Anytime is the Right Time.mp3
06_The Honeydripper.mp3
07_Sate Bait.mp3
08_Peepin' Tom.mp3
09_Sunny Road.mp3
10_Living in a Different World.mp3
11_Flames of Jive.mp3
12_Homesick Blues.mp3
13_I'm Her Honeydripper.mp3
14_Bobby Sox Blues.mp3
15_Kilroy's in Town.mp3
16_Walkin' and Drinkin'.mp3
17_High is a Georgia Pine.mp3
18_Until the Clowns Come Home.mp3
19_Southern Blues.mp3
20_My Baby is Gone.mp3
21_Rock It.mp3
22_Drivin' Wheel.mp3

15.2_Lightnin Hopkins (1946-1948)
01_Feel So Bad.mp3
02_Katie May.mp3
03_Blues (That Mean Old Twister).mp3
04_I Can't Stay Here in Your Town.mp3
05_Can't do Like You Used To.mp3
06_Short Haired Woman.mp3
07_West Coast Blues.mp3
08_Fast Mail Rambler.mp3
09_Thinkin' and Worryin'.mp3
10_Can't Get That Woman Out of My Mind.mp3
11_Picture on the Wall.mp3
12_You're Not Going to Worry My Life Anymore.mp3
13_You're Gonna Miss Me.mp3
14_Have to Let You Go.mp3
15_Someday Baby.mp3
16_Come Back Baby.mp3
17_My California.mp3
18_Lightnin's Boogie.mp3

15.3_John Lee Hooker (1948-1953)
01_Wednesday Evening Blues.mp3
02_My First Wife Left Me.mp3
03_Boogie Chillen.mp3
04_Sally Mae.mp3
05_Henry's Swing Club.mp3
06_Hobo Blues.mp3
07_Crawling King Snake.mp3
09_Do My Baby Think of Me.mp3
10_Three Long Years Ago.mp3
11_Strike Blues.mp3
12_Grinder Man.mp3
13_Walkin' This Highway.mp3
14_Four Woman in My Life.mp3
15_I Need Lovin'.mp3
16_Find Me a Woman.mp3
17_I'm in the Mood.mp3

16.1_B.B. King (1949-1952)
01_Miss Martha King.mp3
02_When Your Baby Packs You Up and Goes.mp3
03_Got the Blues.mp3
04_Take a Swing with Me.mp3
05_Mistreated Woman.mp3
06_B.B. Boogie.mp3
07_The Other Night Blues.mp3
08_Walkin' and Cryin'.mp3
09_My Baby is Gone.mp3
10_B.B. Blues.mp3
11_Fine Looking Woman.mp3
12_She's Dynamite.mp3
13_She's a Mean Woman.mp3
14_Hard Working Woman.mp3
15_That Ain't the Way to do It.mp3
16_Three O'Clock Blues.mp3
17_She Don't Move No More.mp3
18_Shake it Up and Go.mp3
19_My Own Fault Darlin'.mp3
20_I Gotta Find My Baby.mp3

16.2_Jimmy Witherspoon (1950-1951)
01_I'm Just a Lady's Man.mp3
02_There Ain't Nothing Better.mp3
03_Love My Baby.mp3
04_Love and Friendship.mp3
05_Good Jumping aka Jump Children.mp3
06_I'm Just a Country Boy.mp3
07_Slow Your Speed.mp3
08_Geneva Blues aka Evil Woman.mp3
09_I'm Just Wandering (Part 1).mp3
10_I'm Just Wandering (Part 2).mp3
11_Baby, Baby.mp3
12_Sweet Lovin' Baby.mp3
13_The Doctor Knows Business aka Doctor Blues.mp3
14_Rain, Rain, Rain.mp3
15_Thelma Lee Blues.mp3

16.3_Howlin' Wolf (1951-1952)
01_Moanin' At Midnight.mp3
02_How Many More Years.mp3
03_Riding in the Moonlight.mp3
04_Dog Me Around.mp3
05_Morning At Midnight.mp3
06_Keep What You Got.mp3
07_Riding in the Moonlight.mp3
08_House Rockin' Boogie.mp3
09_Crying At Daybreak.mp3
10_Passing My Blues.mp3
11_My Baby Stole Off.mp3
12_I Want Your Picture.mp3
13_The Wolf is At Your Door (Howlin' for My Baby).mp3
14_California Blues.mp3
15_California Blues.mp3
17_Howlin' Wolf Boogie.mp3
18_Smile At Me.mp3
19_Getting Old and Grey.mp3
20_Mr. Highway Man.mp3
21_My Baby Walked Off.mp3
22_C.V. Wine Blues.mp3
23_My Troubles and Me.mp3
24_Chocloate Drop.mp3
25_Highway Man.mp3

16.4_Ray Charles (1952-1954)
01_Roll with Me Baby.mp3
02_The Sun's Gonna Shine Again.mp3
03_Jumpin' in the Morning.mp3
04_The Midnight Hour.mp3
05_It Should Have Been Me.mp3
07_Sinner's Prayer.mp3
08_Mess Around.mp3
09_Losing Hand.mp3
10_Funny But I Still Love You.mp3
11_Feelin' Sad.mp3
12_I Wonder Who.mp3
13_Don't You Know.mp3
14_Ray's Blues.mp3
15_Nobody Cares.mp3
16_Mr. Charles Blues.mp3
17_Black Jack.mp3
18_I Got a Woman.mp3
19_Come Baby Come.mp3

17.1_Albert Ammons (1939-1946)
01_Boogie Woogie Stomp.mp3
02_Chicago in Mind.mp3
03_Suitcase Blues.mp3
04_Boogie Woogie Blues.mp3
05_Untitled Ammons Original.mp3
06_Bass Goin' Crazy.mp3
07_Backwater Blue.mp3
08_Changes in Boogie Woogie.mp3
09_Albert's Special Boogie Woogie.mp3
10_The Boogie Rocks.mp3
11_Blues on My Mind.mp3
12_Bugle Boogie.mp3
13_Doin' the Boogie Woogie.mp3
14_Oh, Lady be Good.mp3
15_Suitcase Blues.mp3
16_Boogie Woogie At the Civic Opera.mp3
17_Swanee River Boogie.mp3
18_Why I'm Leaving You.mp3
19_I Don't Want to See You.mp3
20_Red Sails in the Sunset.mp3

17.2_Meade 'Lux' Lewis (1940-1944)
01_Honky Tonk Train Blues.mp3
02_Bass on Top.mp3
03_Six Wheel Chaser.mp3
04_Tell Your Story.mp3
05_Tell Your Story N! 2.mp3
06_Rising Tide Blues.mp3
07_Doll House Boogie.mp3
08_Denapas Parade.mp3
09_The Boogie Tidal.mp3
10_Randini's Boogie.mp3
11_Lux's Boogie.mp3
12_Yancey's Pride.mp3
13_Glendale Glide.mp3
14_Yancey Special.mp3
15_Blues Whistle.mp3
16_Chicago Flyer.mp3

17.3_Pete Johnson (1944-1947)
01_Kaycee Feeling.mp3
02_Lights Out Mood.mp3
03_Drive Bomber.mp3
04_Answer to the Boogie.mp3
05_Mr. Freddy Blues.mp3
06_Zero Hours.mp3
07_Bottomland Boogie.mp3
08_Rock it Boogie.mp3
09_Backroom Boogie.mp3
10_1946 Stomp (1280 Stomp).mp3
11_Pete's Lonesome Blues.mp3
12_Mr. Drums Meets Mr. Piano.mp3
13_Mutiny in the Doghouse.mp3
14_Pete Kay Boogie.mp3
15_Central Avenue Drag.mp3
16_66 Stomp.mp3
17_Minuet Boogie.mp3
18_Yancey Street Boogie.mp3
19_Hollywood Boogie.mp3
20_Wiley's Boogie.mp3

17.4_The Big Band Boogie Woogie (1938-1956)
01_Meade Lux Special.mp3
02_Boogie Woogie.mp3
03_Honky Tonky Train Blues.mp3
04_Indian Boogie Woogie.mp3
05_Roll 'Em.mp3
06_Back Beat Boogie.mp3
07_Cow Cow Blues.mp3
08_Basie Boogie.mp3
09_Boogie Woogie on the St. Louis Blues.mp3
10_Scrub Me Mama with a Boogie Beat.mp3
11_Drum Boogie.mp3
12_Basie Boogie.mp3
13_Hamp's Boogie Woogie.mp3
14_Boogie Woogie.mp3
15_Wild Bill's Boogie.mp3
16_Hamp's Walking Boogie.mp3
17_Hamp's Boogie Woogie No. 2.mp3
18_Gene's Boogie.mp3
19_Hob Nail Boogie.mp3
20_Pinetop's Blues.mp3

18.1_Joe Venuti, Eddie Lang (1926-1933)
01_Balck and Blue Bottom.mp3
02_Stringin' the Blues.mp3
03_Wild Cat.mp3
05_Goin' Places.mp3
06_Doin' Things.mp3
07_Kickin' the Cat.mp3
08_Beatin' the Dog.mp3
09_Cheese and Crackers.mp3
10_Penn Beach Blues.mp3
12_The Wild Dog.mp3
13_Sweet Sue, Just You.mp3
14_I've Found a New Baby.mp3
15_I'll Never be the Same.mp3
16_Little Girl.mp3
17_The Wolf Wobble.mp3
18_Raggin' the Scale.mp3

18.2_Fats Waller (1929-1938)
01_Handful of Keys.mp3
02_The Minor Drags.mp3
03_Smashing Thirds.mp3
04_Do Me a Favour.mp3
05_I Wish I Were Twins.mp3
06_Armful O' Sweetness.mp3
07_Have a Little Dream on Me.mp3
08_You're Not the Only Oyster in the Stew.mp3
10_Let's Pretend There's a Moon.mp3
11_Honeysuckle Rose.mp3
12_If it Isn't Love.mp3
13_I'm Growing Fonder of You.mp3
14_Dream Man.mp3
15_African Ripples.mp3
16_Alligator Crawl.mp3
17_Viper's Drag.mp3
18_Sugar Blues.mp3
19_Shame! Shame! (Everybody Knows Your Game).mp3
20_Tell Me with Your Kisses.mp3
21_I've Got My Fingers Crossed.mp3

18.3_Coleman Hawkins (1929-1935)
01_Hello, Lola.mp3
02_If I Could be with You One Hour Tonight.mp3
03_Dismal Dan.mp3
04_I Can't Believe That You're in Love with Me.mp3
05_Jamaica Shout.mp3
06_Rhythm Crazy.mp3
07_It Sends Me.mp3
08_I Ain't Got Nobody.mp3
09_On the Sunny Side of the Street.mp3
11_Oh! Lady be Good.mp3
12_Lost in a Fog.mp3
13_Honeysuckle Rose.mp3
14_Some of These Days.mp3
15_After You've Gone.mp3
16_I Wish I Were Twins.mp3
17_Blue Moon.mp3
19_What a Difference a Day Makes.mp3
23_What Harlem is to Me.mp3
24_Netcha's Dream.mp3

18.4_Art Tatum (1933-1941)
01_Tea for Two.mp3
02_Sophisticated Lady.mp3
03_What Will I Tell My Heart.mp3
04_I've GoT My Love to Keep Me Warm.mp3
05_The Sheik of Araby.mp3
06_Stormy Weather.mp3
07_Gone with the Wind.mp3
08_I'll Get By.mp3
09_It Had to be You.mp3
10_Tiger Rag.mp3
11_Get Happy.mp3
12_Sweet Lorraine.mp3
13_St. Louis Blues.mp3
14_Begin with the Beguine.mp3
17_Stompin' At the Savoy.mp3
18_Battery Bounce.mp3

19.1_Ben Webster (1932-1944)
01_The Blue Room.mp3
02_New Orleans.mp3
03_Milenberg Joys.mp3
05_Rug Cutter's Swing.mp3
06_Dream Lullaby.mp3
07_Tea for Two.mp3
08_Early Session Hop.mp3
09_Cotton Tail.mp3
10_Linger Awhile.mp3
13_Woke Up Clipped.mp3
14_After You've Gone.mp3
16_Memories of You.mp3
17_Just a Riff.mp3
18_Blue Skies.mp3
19_Kat's Fur.mp3
20_I Surrender Dear.mp3

19.2_Django Reinhardt (1936-1937)
01_After You've Gone.mp3
02_I Can't Give You Anything But Love.mp3
03_Limehouse Blues.mp3
04_Oriental Shuffle.mp3
06_Swing Guitars.mp3
07_Georgia on My Mind.mp3
09_Sweet Chorus.mp3
10_Exactly Like You.mp3
12_You're Driving Me Crazy.mp3
13_Ain't Misbehavin'.mp3
14_Rose Room.mp3
15_When Day is Done.mp3
16_Runnin' Wild.mp3
18_Minor Swing.mp3

19.3_Benny Goodman (1935-1936)
01_After You've Gone.mp3
02_Body and Soul (Take 1).mp3
03_Body and Soul (Take 2).mp3
05_Someday, Sweetheart.mp3
06_China Boy.mp3
07_More Than You Know.mp3
08_All My Life.mp3
09_Oh, Lady be Good.mp3
10_Nobody's Sweetheart.mp3
11_Too Good to be True.mp3
14_Exactly Like You.mp3
15_Vibraphone Blues.mp3
16_Sweet Sue - Just You.mp3
17_My Melancholy Baby.mp3
18_Tiger Rag (Take 1).mp3
19_Stompin' At the Savoy (Take 1).mp3
20_Stompin' At the Savoy (Take 2).mp3

19.4_Roy Eldridge (1935-1941)
01_When I Grow Too Old to Dream.mp3
02_(Lookie, Lookie, Lookie) Here Comes Cookie.mp3
03_Big Chief De Sota.mp3
04_Stealin' Apples.mp3
05_Blue Lou.mp3
06_Warmin' Up.mp3
07_Blues in C Sharp Minor.mp3
08_Mary Had a Little Lamb.mp3
09_Heckler's Hop.mp3
10_Florida Stomp.mp3
11_Wabash Stomp.mp3
12_After You've Gone.mp3
13_When the Lazy River Goes By.mp3
14_That Thing.mp3
15_Wham (Be-Bop-Boom-Bam).mp3
16_Fallin' in Love Again.mp3
17_I'm Nobody's Baby.mp3
18_Let Me Off Uptown.mp3

20.1_Earl 'Fatha' Hines (1934-1942)
02_Grand Terrace Shuffle.mp3
03_Piano Man.mp3
04_G.T. Stomp.mp3
05_Father Steps In.mp3
07_Boogie Woogie on St. Louis Blues.mp3
08_Deep Forrest.mp3
09_Number 19.mp3
10_Body and Soul.mp3
11_Child of Disordered Brain.mp3
12_Tantalizing a Cuban.mp3
13_Blues in Thirds.mp3
14_Up Jumped the Devil.mp3
15_On the Sunny Side of the Street.mp3
16_My Melancholy Baby.mp3
17_Windy City Jive.mp3
18_The Earl.mp3
19_Second Balcony Jump.mp3

20.2_Lester Young (1936-1944)
01_Shoe Shine Boy.mp3
02_I Want a Little Girl.mp3
03_Countless Blues.mp3
04_China Boy.mp3
05_Exactly Like You.mp3
06_On the Sunny Side of the Street.mp3
07_Upright Organ Blues.mp3
09_Jazz Me Blues.mp3
10_Dickie's Heaven.mp3
11_Lester Leaps In.mp3
12_What's Your Number.mp3
13_Five O'Clock Whistle.mp3
15_Afternoon on a Basie-Ite.mp3
16_Sometimes I'm Happy.mp3
17_Just You, Just Me.mp3
18_I Never Knew.mp3
19_Lester Leaps In.mp3
20_I Got Rhythm.mp3

20.3_Teddy Wilson (1934-1946)
01_Somebody Loves Me.mp3
02_I'm Painting the Town Red.mp3
03_All My Life.mp3
04_Why do I Lie to Myself About You!.mp3
05_The Way You Look Tonight.mp3
07_I've Found a New Baby.mp3
08_Just a Mood.mp3
09_If Dreams Come True.mp3
10_I Got Rhythm.mp3
11_Jumpin' for Joy.mp3
12_Wham (Re-Bop-Boom-Bam).mp3
15_China Boy.mp3
17_I Want to be Happy.mp3
18_Rose Room.mp3
19_Just Like a Butterly.mp3

20.4_Benny Carter (1936-1937)
01_Black Bottom.mp3
03_Swinging the Blues.mp3
05_Carry Me Back to Old Virginy.mp3
06_I've Got Two Lips.mp3
07_When Day is Gone.mp3
08_Jingle Bells.mp3
09_Gin and Jive.mp3
10_New Street Swing.mp3
11_There'll be Some Changes Made.mp3
13_There's a Small Hotel.mp3
14_I Gotta Go.mp3
15_Bugle Call Rag.mp3
16_I'm in the Mood for Swing.mp3
17_Swingin' At Maida Vale.mp3

21.1_Lionel Hampton (1937-1940)
01_China Stomp.mp3
02_I Know That You Know.mp3
03_On the Sunny Side of the Street.mp3
04_Drum Stomp (Crazy Rhythm) (Crazy Rhythm).mp3
05_After You've Gone.mp3
06_Ring Dem Bells.mp3
07_Muskrat Ramble.mp3
08_Shoe Shiner's Rag.mp3
09_High Society.mp3
10_It Don't Mean a Thing (If it Ain't Got That Swing).mp3
11_Sweethearts on Parade.mp3
12_Twelfth Street Rag.mp3
13_Memories of You.mp3
14_One Sweet Letter From You.mp3
15_I've Found a New Baby.mp3
16_Four or Five Times.mp3
17_The Sheik of Araby.mp3
19_Singin' the Blues.mp3
20_House of Morgan.mp3
21_Jivin' with Jarvis.mp3
22_Blue Because of You.mp3

21.2_Charlie Shavers (1938-1941)
02_Rehearsin' for a Nervous Breakdown.mp3
03_Royal Garden Blues.mp3
04_Blue Skies.mp3
05_Opus 5.mp3
06_Front and Centre.mp3
07_Sweet Georgia Brown.mp3
08_It Feels Good.mp3
11_Zooming At the Zombie.mp3
12_Jumpin' in the Pump Room.mp3
13_20th Century Closet.mp3
14_Blues Petite.mp3
15_Can't We be Friends!.mp3
16_Beethoven Riffs On.mp3
17_Prelude for Trumpet.mp3
18_The Peanut Vendor.mp3
19_Blue Fantasy.mp3
20_Revolutionary Etude.mp3
21_Ida! Sweet as Apple Cider.mp3
22_Echoes of Harlem.mp3

21.3_Charlie Christian (1939-1941)
01_Flying Home.mp3
03_Soft Winds.mp3
04_Seven Come Eleven.mp3
05_Honeysuckle Rose.mp3
06_AC-DC Current.mp3
07_Till Down Special.mp3
08_Gone with 'What' Wind.mp3
09_Poor Butterfly.mp3
10_Good Enough to Keep (Air Maail Special).mp3
11_Six Appeal.mp3
12_I Never Knew.mp3
13_Lester's Dream.mp3
14_Royal Garden Blues.mp3
15_Wholly Cats.mp3
16_As Long as I Live.mp3
17_Benny's Bugle.mp3
18_I Can't Give You Anything But Love.mp3
19_Breakfast Feud.mp3
20_I Found a New Baby.mp3
21_Profoundly Blue.mp3
22_A Smo-o-oth One.mp3
23_Solo Flight (Chonk, Charlie, Chonk).mp3

21.4_Dexter Gordon (1943-1947)
01_I've Found a New Baby.mp3
03_Sweet Lorraine.mp3
04_I Blowed and Gone.mp3
05_If I Had You.mp3
06_Blow Mr. Dexter.mp3
07_Dexter's Deck.mp3
08_Dexter's Cuttin' Out.mp3
09_Dexter's Minor Mood.mp3
10_Long Tall Dexter.mp3
11_Dexter Rides Again.mp3
12_I Can't Escape From You.mp3
13_Dexter Digs In.mp3

22.1_Erroll Garner (1944-1947)
01_White Rose Bounce.mp3
02_Twistin' the Cat's Tail.mp3
03_Movin' Around.mp3
04_Night and Day.mp3
05_Sweet Lorraine.mp3
07_Loot to Boot.mp3
14_Frankie and Johnny Fantasy.mp3
15_Play Piano Play.mp3

22.2_Slam Stewart (1945-1946)
01_Hop, Skip and Jump.mp3
02_Sherry Lynn Flip.mp3
03_Three Blind Mice.mp3
04_Blue, Brown and Beige.mp3
05_Play Fiddle Play.mp3
06_Dark Eyes.mp3
07_Laff Slam Slam (Laff Slam Slam).mp3
08_Jumpin' At the Deuces.mp3
09_Haw Haw.mp3
11_Talkin' Back.mp3
12_The One That Got Away (Three Feathers).mp3
13_Honeysuckle Rose.mp3
14_Mood to be Stewed.mp3
15_The Voice of the Turtle.mp3
16_Slammin' the Gate.mp3
17_Jingle Bell.mp3
18_On the Upside Looking Down.mp3
19_Time on My Hands.mp3
20_A Bell for Norvo.mp3
21_Oh Me, Oh My, Oh Gosh.mp3
22_Doctor Foo.mp3
23_Blues Collins.mp3
24_Coppin' Out.mp3

22.3_Wardell Gray (1946-1949)
01_Dell's Bells.mp3
02_One for Prez.mp3
03_The Man I Love.mp3
04_Easy Swing.mp3
05_The Great Lie (Part 1& 2).mp3
06_Blue Lou.mp3
07_She's Got the Blues for Sale.mp3
08_The Chase.mp3
09_How High the Moon.mp3
10_C Jam Blues.mp3
11_Mary's Idea.mp3
12_Bye Bye Blues Bop.mp3
13_Stealin' Apples.mp3
14_Lady Bird.mp3
17_The Hucklebuck.mp3
18_It's the Talk of the Town.mp3
20_In the Land of Oo-Bla-Dee.mp3

22.4_Lucky Thompson (1945-1947)
01_Vout Rhythm.mp3
02_Stormy Mood.mp3
03_Bee Boogie Boo.mp3
04_Irresistable You.mp3
06_The Hour of Parting.mp3
07_Abernathy's Boogie.mp3
09_Slowin' Down the Blues.mp3
11_Flight of the Vout Bug.mp3
12_It Shouldn't Happen to a Dream.mp3
13_For You.mp3
14_Things Ain't What They Used to Be.mp3
15_Jeep's Blues.mp3
16_Day Dream.mp3
17_Take the 'A' Train.mp3
18_Hickory Dickory Dock.mp3
19_Blue Rhythm Be-Bop.mp3

23.1_Don Byas (1945-1947)
01_Slam-In' Around.mp3
02_Harvard Blues.mp3
03_Three O'Clock in the Morning.mp3
05_Dark Eyes.mp3
08_Embraceable You.mp3
09_Annie Laurie.mp3
10_I'm Beginning to See the Light.mp3
12_Ain't Misbehavin'.mp3
13_Body and Soul.mp3
14_Blue and Sentimental.mp3
15_These Foolish Things.mp3
17_Stormy Weather.mp3
18_Riffin' and Jivin'.mp3
19_I Can't Explain.mp3
20_Blues for Panassie.mp3

23.2_Illinois Jacquet (1946-1947)
01_Jumpin' Jacquet.mp3
02_Blues Mood.mp3
03_Jacquet in the Box.mp3
04_Don't Blame Me.mp3
05_Jacquet and No Vest.mp3
06_Jacquet's Blues.mp3
07_Jacquet and Coat.mp3
08_Doggin' with Doggett.mp3
09_You Left Me All Alone.mp3
10_Blow, Illinois, Blow.mp3
11_Illinois Blows the Blues.mp3
12_Goofin' Off.mp3
13_It's Wild.mp3
14_Don't Push Daddy.mp3
15_Riffin' with Jacquet.mp3
16_Sahara Heat.mp3
17_I Surrender Dear.mp3
18_Destination Moon.mp3
19_For Truly.mp3

23.3_Charlie Parker (1945-1947)
01_Ko Ko.mp3
02_Billie's Bounce.mp3
03_Moose the Mooche.mp3
04_Yardbird Suite.mp3
06_Night in Tunesia.mp3
07_Lover Man.mp3
08_The Gypsy.mp3
09_Be Bop.mp3
10_Bird's Nest.mp3
11_Cool Blues.mp3
12_Relaxin' At Camarillo.mp3
14_Carvin' the Bird.mp3
16_Donna Lee.mp3
17_Chasin' the Bird.mp3
21_Bird of Paradise.mp3

23.4_Dizzy Gillespie (1945-1946)
01_Good Bait.mp3
02_Blue 'N' Boogie.mp3
03_All the Things You Are.mp3
04_Dizzy Atmosphere.mp3
05_Salt Peanuts.mp3
06_I Can't Get Started.mp3
07_Hot House.mp3
08_Shaw 'Nuff.mp3
10_Dizzy Boogie.mp3
11_Round About Midnight.mp3
12_When I Grow Too Old to Dream.mp3
13_Night in Tunesia.mp3
14_Ol' Man Rebop.mp3
16_Oop Bop Sh' Bam.mp3
17_One Bass Hit (Part 1).mp3
18_That's Earl Brother.mp3
19_52nd Street Theme.mp3

24.1_Eddie 'Lockjaw' Davis (1946-1948)
03_Afternoon in a Doghouse.mp3
04_Athlete's Foot.mp3
05_Callin' Dr. Jazz.mp3
07_Hollerin' and Screaming.mp3
08_Stealing' Trash.mp3
09_Just a Mystery.mp3
10_Red Pepper.mp3
13_Licks a Plenty.mp3
16_Real Gone Guy.mp3
17_But Beautiful.mp3
18_Leaping' on Lenox.mp3
19_Raven' At the Haven.mp3
20_Minton's Madhouse.mp3
21_Huckle Bug.mp3
22_Music Goes Down Around.mp3
23_Lockjaw's Bounce.mp3

24.2_Lennie Tristano (1946-1949)
01_Out on a Limb.mp3
02_I Can't Get Started.mp3
03_I Surrender Dear.mp3
04_Interlude (Night in Tunesia).mp3
05_Blue Boy.mp3
07_Collin' Off with Ulanow.mp3
09_On a Planet.mp3
10_Air Pocket.mp3
20_Sax of a Kind.mp3

24.3_Thelonious Monk (1947)
03_Suburban Eyes.mp3
08_Nice Work if You Can Get It.mp3
09_Ruby My Dear.mp3
10_Well You Needn't.mp3
11_April in Paris.mp3
12_Off Minor.mp3
14_In Walked Bud.mp3
15_Monk's Mood.mp3
16_Who Knows.mp3
17_'Round Midnight.mp3
18_Four in One.mp3
19_Four in One (Alternate Take).mp3
21_Straight No Chaser.mp3
22_Willow Weep for Me.mp3
23_Ask Me Now.mp3

24.4_Fats Navarro (1947-1949)
01_The Chase.mp3
02_The Squirrel.mp3
03_Our Delight.mp3
05_A Bebop Carol.mp3
06_The Tadd Walk.mp3
07_Gone with the Wind.mp3
08_That Someone Must be You.mp3
10_Barry's Bop.mp3
11_Bebop Romp.mp3
12_Fats Blows.mp3
14_Lady Bird.mp3
16_I Think I'll Go Away.mp3
17_Sid's Delight.mp3

25.1_George Shearing (1947-1953)
01_When Darkness Falls.mp3
02_So Rare.mp3
03_Buccaneer's Bounce.mp3
04_Have You Met Miss Jones!.mp3
05_Sweet and Lovely.mp3
06_Bop's Your Uncle.mp3
07_Sophisticated Lady.mp3
08_Cozy's Bop.mp3
09_September in the Rain.mp3
10_East of the Sun (West of the Moon).mp3
12_Pick Yourself Up.mp3
13_Jumpin' with Symphony Sid.mp3
14_I'll Remember April.mp3
16_I Didn't Know What Time it Was.mp3
17_I'll be Around.mp3
18_Easy Living.mp3
19_How High the Moon.mp3
20_Lonely Momets.mp3
21_Lullaby of Birdland.mp3
22_Love is Just Around the Corner.mp3

25.2_Gene Ammons (1947-1953)
01_El Sino.mp3
03_Wild Leo.mp3
04_Leaping Leo.mp3
05_You Go to My Head.mp3
06_Jug Head Rumble.mp3
08_Don't do Me Wrong.mp3
09_My Foolish Heart.mp3
10_Baby, Won't You Please Say Yes.mp3
11_Prelude to a Kiss.mp3
12_You're Not the Kind.mp3
13_Just Chips.mp3
14_Street of Dreams.mp3
15_Good Time Blues.mp3
16_Travellin' Light.mp3
17_Red Top.mp3
19_Stairway to Heaven (Stairway to the Stars).mp3
20_Jim Dawgs.mp3

25.3_Sonny Stitt (1949-1952)
02_Afternoon in Paris.mp3
04_Blue Mode.mp3
05_All God's Chillun Got Rhythm.mp3
06_Sonny Side.mp3
07_Bud's Blues.mp3
09_Fine and Dandy.mp3
10_I Want to be Happy.mp3
11_Taking a Chance of Love.mp3
12_P.S. I Love You.mp3
13_This Can't be Love.mp3
14_Can't We be Friends.mp3
15_Liza (All the Clouds I'll Roll Away).mp3
18_After You've Gone.mp3
19_Our Very Own.mp3
20_Stitt's It.mp3
21_Cool Mambo.mp3
22_Blue Mambo.mp3
23_Sonny Sounds.mp3
24_Ain't Misbehavin'.mp3

25.4_Bud Powell (1949-1950)
01_Tempus Fugit.mp3
04_I'll Keep Loving You.mp3
05_Strictly Confidential.mp3
06_All God's Chillun Got Rhythm.mp3
07_So Sorry Please.mp3
08_Get Happy.mp3
09_Sometimes I'm Happy.mp3
10_Sweet Georgia Brown.mp3
12_April in Paris.mp3
13_Body and Soul.mp3

26.1_Lee Konitz (1949-1951)
04_Subconscious - Lee.mp3
07_Fishin' Around.mp3
09_Sound - Lee.mp3
11_You Go to My Head.mp3
12_Ice Cream Konitz.mp3
13_Palo Alto.mp3
18_Indian Summer.mp3
19_Duet for Saxophone and Guitar.mp3

26.2_Miles Davis (1949-1953)
07_Blue Room.mp3
09_My Old Flame.mp3
12_It's Only a Papermoon.mp3
13_Out of the Blue.mp3
14_Tasty Pudding.mp3
15_Willie the Whailer.mp3
16_Tempus Fugit.mp3

26.3_Zoot Sims (1950-1953)
01_Night and Day.mp3
02_Slingin' Hash.mp3
04_I Understand.mp3
05_Don't Worry 'Bout Me.mp3
06_Crystals (Linger Awhile).mp3
07_Zoot and Zoot.mp3
09_It Had to be You.mp3
10_Zoot Swings the Blues.mp3
11_Swingin' the Blues.mp3
12_East of the Sun (West of the Moon).mp3
13_I Wonder Who.mp3
16_The Red Door.mp3
17_Sidewalks of Cuba.mp3
19_Tasty Pudding.mp3
20_While My Lady Sleeps.mp3

26.4_Herbie Mann (1954-1956)
01_Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea.mp3
02_The Things We Did Last Summer.mp3
03_After Work.mp3
04_Chicken Little.mp3
05_Deep Night.mp3
06_Cuban Love Song.mp3
07_Moon Dreams.mp3
09_The Purple Grotto.mp3
10_A Spring Morning.mp3
11_My Little Suede Shoes.mp3
12_Autumn Nocturne.mp3
13_Why do I Love You.mp3
14_It Might as Well be Spring.mp3
16_Love is a Simple Thing.mp3

27.1_James Moody (1951-1955)
02_Lover, Come Back to Me.mp3
03_That's My Desire.mp3
04_Aimer Comme Je T'aime.mp3
05_Les Feuilles Mortes.mp3
06_I'm Gone.mp3
07_A Hundred Years From Today.mp3
08_Keepin' Up with Jonesy.mp3
10_That Man O' Mine.mp3
11_Over the Rainbow.mp3
12_Jack Raggs.mp3
13_Mambo with Moody.mp3
14_It Might as Well be Spring (Take 1).mp3
15_It Might as Well be Spring (Take 2).mp3
16_Blues in the Closet.mp3
17_Moody's Mood for Blues.mp3
18_Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen.mp3
19_I Got the Blues.mp3
20_Blue Walk.mp3
21_Faster James.mp3

27.2_Stan Getz (1950-1952)
01_On the Alamo.mp3
03_You Go to My Head.mp3
04_Hershey Bar.mp3
05_Out of Nowhere.mp3
06_'S Wonderful.mp3
07_Strike Up the Band.mp3
09_It Might as Well be Spring.mp3
11_The Best Thing for You.mp3
12_Melody Express.mp3
15_Potter's Luck.mp3
16_The Song is You.mp3
17_Where or When.mp3
19_Moonlight is Vermont.mp3
21_Stars Fell on Alabama.mp3
22_Sometimes I'm Happy.mp3

27.3_Dave Brubeck (1949-1953)
01_Back Home Again in Indiana.mp3
02_Body and Soul.mp3
06_The Way You Look Tonight.mp3
07_These Foolish Things.mp3
08_All the Things You Are.mp3
09_For All We Know.mp3
10_I'll Never Smile Again.mp3
11_Lullaby in Rhythm.mp3

27.4_The Modern Jazz Quartet (1951-1955)
01_Milt Meets Sid.mp3
02_D & E.mp3
04_Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea.mp3
05_Autumn Breeze.mp3
06_Moving Nicely.mp3
08_'Round Midnight.mp3
09_Love Me Pretty Baby.mp3
10_Heart and Soul.mp3
11_True Blues.mp3
12_Ralph's New Blues.mp3
13_All of You.mp3
14_I'll Remember April.mp3
15_Gershwin Medley.mp3

28.1_Jay Jay Johnson (1949-1953)
02_Afternoon in Paris.mp3
04_Blue Mode (Take 1).mp3
05_Blue Mode (Take 2).mp3
07_Lover Man.mp3
10_It Could Happen to You.mp3
11_Get Happy.mp3
12_Capri (Alternate Take).mp3
13_Turnpike (Alternate Take).mp3
14_Get Happy (Alternate Take).mp3

28.2_Gerry Mulligan (1950-1953)
01_It May be Wrong.mp3
02_So What.mp3
03_Westwood Walk.mp3
05_A Ballad.mp3
07_Half Nelson.mp3
08_Walkin' Shoes.mp3
10_Speak Low.mp3
11_Taking a Chance on Love.mp3
12_Varsity Drag.mp3
13_Lady Bird.mp3
14_Love Me or Leave Me.mp3
15_Swing House.mp3

28.3_Sonny Rollins (1951-1953)
02_With a Song in My Heart.mp3
03_Newk's Fadeaway.mp3
04_Time on My Hands.mp3
05_This Love of Mine.mp3
07_On a Slow Boat to China.mp3
08_Mambo Bounce.mp3
09_I Know.mp3
11_It's Only a Papermoon.mp3
13_Out of the Blues.mp3
14_Almost Like Being in Love.mp3
15_In a Sentimental Mood.mp3
16_No Moe.mp3
17_The Stopper.mp3
18_Friday the 13th.mp3

28.4_Paul Quinichette (1951-1953)
01_Cross Fire.mp3
04_No Time.mp3
05_Shad Roe.mp3
06_Paul's Bunio.mp3
07_Crew Cut.mp3
08_The Hook.mp3
10_I'll Always be in Love with You.mp3
12_Bustin' Suds.mp3
13_Let's Make It.mp3
14_P.Q. Blues (I).mp3
15_Bot Bot (I).mp3
16_Green's Blues.mp3
17_You Belong to Me.mp3
18_Birdland Jump.mp3
19_Sleepy Time Gal.mp3
20_Galshes and Rubbers.mp3
21_People Will Say We're in Love.mp3
22_Rose of Birdland.mp3
23_No Parking.mp3

29.1_Art Pepper (1950-1954)
01_The Count on Rush Street.mp3
02_Pooch McGooch.mp3
03_Brown Gold.mp3
04_Holiday Flight.mp3
05_Surf Ride.mp3
06_Tickle Toe.mp3
07_Chilli Pepper.mp3
08_Susie the Poodle.mp3
09_Straight Life.mp3
11_Thyme Time.mp3
12_The Way You Look Tonight.mp3
14_Art's Oregano.mp3
15_Over the Rainbow.mp3
18_Sam and the Lady.mp3
20_Art Pepper.mp3

29.2_Shorty Rogers (1951-1956)
01_Moten Swing.mp3
02_Isn't it Romantic!.mp3
03_Four Mothers.mp3
04_Dickie's Dream.mp3
05_Over the Rainbow.mp3
06_The Lady in Red.mp3
07_Just a Few.mp3
08_My Heart Stood Still.mp3
09_Blues Way Up There.mp3
10_Blues Way Down There.mp3
12_Not Really the Blues.mp3
13_Baklava Bridge.mp3
14_Clickin' with Clax.mp3
15_Twelfth Street Rag.mp3

29.3_Horace Silver (1952)
03_Thou Swell.mp3
06_Prelude to a Kiss.mp3
08_I Remember You.mp3
09_Knowledge Box.mp3
10_Day In, Day Out.mp3
11_Opus De Funk.mp3
12_How About You.mp3

29.4_Chet Baker (1952-1954)
02_My Old Flame.mp3
03_Five Brothers.mp3
04_My Funny Valentine.mp3
05_Come Out Wherever You Are.mp3
06_What's New.mp3
07_Half Nelson.mp3
08_All the Things You Are.mp3
09_Bea's Flat.mp3
10_Moon Love.mp3
11_Happy Little Sunbeam.mp3
12_Pro Defunctus.mp3
13_Moonlight Becomes You.mp3

30.1_Bud Shank (1953)
01_Speak Low.mp3
03_Acertate mas.mp3
04_Amor flamenco.mp3
05_Terra Seca.mp3
13_Blue Baio.mp3
14_Stairway to the Stars.mp3

30.2_Clifford Brown (1953)
01_Carvin' the Rock.mp3
04_Brownie Speaks.mp3
06_You Go to My Head.mp3
07_Wail Bait.mp3
08_Hymn of the Orient.mp3
09_Brownie Eyes.mp3
11_Easy Living.mp3
12_Minor Mood.mp3
13_Philly J J.mp3
14_Choose Now.mp3
15_Stockholm Sweetin'.mp3
16_'Scuse These Bluse.mp3
17_Lover Come Back to Me.mp3

30.3_Charlie Parker (1949-1954)
01_Au Privave.mp3
02_K.C. Blues.mp3
03_She Rote.mp3
04_Swedish Schnapps.mp3
05_Laird Bird.mp3
06_The Song is You.mp3
08_Why do I Love You.mp3
09_My Little Suede Shoes.mp3
11_Lover Man.mp3
12_Blues for Alice.mp3
13_Begin with the Beguine.mp3
14_I Can't Get Started.mp3
15_What is This Thing Called Love.mp3
16_Almost Like Being in Love.mp3
17_I Remember You.mp3
19_Chi Chi.mp3
20_Now's the Time.mp3
21_I Love Paris.mp3
22_Love for Sale.mp3

30.4_Barney Kessel (1952-1954)
01_Seven Come Eleven.mp3
02_Night and Day.mp3
03_Long Ago and Far Away.mp3
04_Somebody Loves Me.mp3
05_Strike Up the Band.mp3
06_'S Wonderful.mp3
07_I Got Rhythm.mp3
08_Love Walked In.mp3
11_Vicky's Dream.mp3
12_Just Squeeze Me.mp3
13_What is There to Say!.mp3
14_Salute to Charlie Christian.mp3
15_I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart.mp3
16_Lullaby of Birdland.mp3
17_Barney's Blues.mp3

31.1_Lou Donaldson (1952-1954)
02_Lou's Blues.mp3
03_Cheek to Cheek.mp3
04_The Things We Did Last Summer.mp3
05_Sweet Juice.mp3
06_Down Home.mp3
07_The Best Things in Life Are Free.mp3
08_If I Love Again.mp3
10_The Stroller.mp3
11_Moe's Bluff.mp3
12_After You've Gone.mp3
14_Split Kick.mp3

31.2_Art Farmer (1953-1956)
01_Mau Mau.mp3
02_Work of Art.mp3
03_The Little Bandmaster.mp3
04_Up in Quincy's Room.mp3
06_Evening in Paris.mp3
07_Elephant Walk.mp3
09_When Your Lover Has Gone.mp3

31.3_Tal Farlow (1952-1955)
01_Strike Up the Band.mp3
03_Have You Met Miss Jones!.mp3
05_And She Remembers Me.mp3
06_My Old Flame.mp3
08_Autumn in New York.mp3
09_Tal's Blues.mp3
10_I Like to Recognize the Tune.mp3
11_There Will be Never be Another You.mp3
12_Just One of Those Things.mp3
14_It's You or No One.mp3

31.4_Charles Mingus (1954)
01_What is This Thing Called Love.mp3
02_Spur of the Moment.mp3
03_Thrice Upon a Theme.mp3
04_Four Hands.mp3
05_Minor Intrusions.mp3

32.1_Dizzy Gillespie (1953-1954)
02_It's the Talk of the Town.mp3
03_I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart.mp3
04_Girl of My Dream.mp3
05_Exactly Like You.mp3
06_Shiboney (Part 1 & 2).mp3
07_It Don't Mean a Thing.mp3
08_One Alone.mp3
09_Sometimes I'm Happy.mp3
10_Pretty Eyed Baby.mp3

32.2_Phil Woods (1954-1955)
01_Stella By Starlight.mp3
04_Back and Blow.mp3
06_Falling in Love All Over Again.mp3
07_Be My Love.mp3
08_On a Slow Boat to China.mp3
09_Get Happy.mp3
10_Strollin' with Pam.mp3

32.3_Jackie McLean and Donald Byrd (1955)
01_It's You or No One.mp3
02_Blue Doll.mp3
03_Little Melonae.mp3
04_The Way You Look Tonight.mp3
05_Mood Malody.mp3
06_Lover Man.mp3

32.4_The Jazz Messengers (1955)
02_Prince Albert.mp3
03_I Waited for You.mp3
04_Lady Bird.mp3
05_Deciphering the Message.mp3
06_Just One of Those Things.mp3
07_Hank's Symphony.mp3
08_Gone with the Wind.mp3

33.1_Bennie Moten (1930-1932)
01_New Moten Stomp.mp3
02_As Long as I Love You.mp3
03_When I'm Alone.mp3
04_Professor Hot Stuff.mp3
05_Get Goin' (Get Ready to Love).mp3
06_The Count.mp3
07_Liza Lee.mp3
08_Somebody Stole My Gal.mp3
09_Now That I Need You.mp3
10_Bouncin' Round.mp3
11_I Wanna be Around My Baby All the Time.mp3
12_Ya Got Love.mp3
14_Moten Swing.mp3
15_The Blue Room.mp3
17_New Orleans.mp3
18_The Only Girl I Ever Loved.mp3
19_Milenberg Joys.mp3
21_Prince of Wails.mp3
22_Two Times.mp3

33.2_Jimmie Lunceford (1930-1934)
01_In Dat Mornin'.mp3
02_Sweet Rhythm.mp3
03_Flaming Reeds and Screaming Brass.mp3
04_While Love Lasts.mp3
05_White Heat.mp3
07_Chillun Get Up.mp3
08_Leavin' Me.mp3
09_Swingin' Uptown.mp3
10_Breakfast Ball.mp3
11_Here Goes (A Fool).mp3
12_Remember When.mp3
13_Sophisticated Lady.mp3
14_Mood Indigo.mp3
15_Rose Room.mp3
16_Black and Tan Fantasy.mp3
19_Miss Otis Regrets.mp3
20_Stomp it Off.mp3

33.3_Fletcher Henderson (1934-1936)
01_Wild Party.mp3
02_Rug Cutter's Swing.mp3
03_Hotter Than 'Ell.mp3
05_Christopher Columbus.mp3
06_Big Chief De Sota.mp3
07_Blue Lou.mp3
08_Stealin' Apples.mp3
09_I'm a Fool for Loving You.mp3
10_Moonrise on the Lowlands.mp3
11_I'll Always be in Love with You.mp3
12_Jangled Nerves.mp3
13_Grand Terrace Rhythm.mp3
15_Mary Had a Little Lamb.mp3
16_Shoe Shine Boy.mp3
17_Sing, Sing, Sing.mp3
18_Until Today.mp3
19_Knock, Knock Who's There!.mp3
20_Jim Town Blues.mp3

33.4_Chick Webb (1934-1937)
01_Stompin' At the Savoy.mp3
02_Don't be That Way.mp3
03_Blue Lou.mp3
04_Down Home Rag.mp3
05_Love and Kisses.mp3
06_I May be Wrong.mp3
07_Facts and Figures.mp3
08_Go Harlem.mp3
09_Love Marches On.mp3
10_There's Frost on the Moon.mp3
11_Gee But You're Swell.mp3
12_Rusty Hinge.mp3
13_Wake Up and Live.mp3
14_It's Swell of You.mp3
15_Clap Hands! Here Comes Charly.mp3
16_That Naughty Waltz.mp3
17_In a Little Spanish Town.mp3
18_I Got Rhythm.mp3
19_I Ain't Got Nobody.mp3
20_Strictly Jive.mp3

34.1_Benny Goodman (1935-1939)
01_King Porter Stomp.mp3
03_If I Could be with You (One Hour Tonight).mp3
04_Goody Goody.mp3
05_Stompin' At the Savoy.mp3
06_Christopher Columbus.mp3
07_Down South Camp Meeting.mp3
08_Bugle Call Rag.mp3
09_He Ain't Got Rhythm.mp3
10_I Want to be Happy.mp3
11_Sing, Sing, Sing.mp3
12_Roll 'Em.mp3
13_Sugar Foot Stomp.mp3
14_St. Louis Blues.mp3
15_Don't be That Way.mp3
16_One O'Clock Jump.mp3
17_Smoke House Rhythm.mp3
19_The Kingdom of Swing.mp3

34.2_Tommy Dorsey (1935-1938)
01_Weary Blues.mp3
02_Royal Garden Blues.mp3
03_Tea on the Terrace.mp3
04_I'm in a Dancing Mood.mp3
05_Keepin' Out of Mischief Now.mp3
07_Mr. Ghost Goes to Town.mp3
08_Lookin' Around Corners for You.mp3
09_Who'll Buy My Violets!.mp3
10_On a Little Bamboo Bridge.mp3
11_Melody in F.mp3
12_Song of India.mp3
14_In a Little Hula Heaven.mp3
15_I'll Dream My Way to Heaven.mp3
17_Mendelssohn's Spring Song.mp3
18_The Sheik of Araby.mp3
19_Boogie Woogie.mp3
20_Hawaiian War Chant.mp3

34.3_Harry James (1937-1939)
02_When You're Alone.mp3
03_Can't It! (I Can Dream).mp3
04_Life Goes to a Party.mp3
05_Texas Chatter.mp3
06_Song of the Wanderer (Where Shalli Go!).mp3
07_It's the Dreamer in Me.mp3
08_One O'Clock Jump.mp3
09_Out of Nowhere.mp3
10_Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams (and Dream Your Troubles Away).mp3
11_Lullaby in Rhythm.mp3
12_Little White Lies.mp3
13_Boo - Woo.mp3
14_Woo - Woo.mp3
15_Home James.mp3
18_Sweet Georgia Brown.mp3
19_Blame it on My Last Affair.mp3
20_Love is a Necessary Thing.mp3
21_Tain't What You Do (It's The Way That Cha Do It).mp3
22_Two O'Clock Jump.mp3

34.4_Earl 'Fatha' Hines (1937-1946)
01_Rhythm Sundae.mp3
03_Piano Man.mp3
04_Tantalizing a Cuban.mp3
05_G.T. Stomp.mp3
06_Lightly and Politely.mp3
07_Boogie Woogie on St. Louis Blues.mp3
08_Deep Forest.mp3
09_Number 19.mp3
10_Call me Happy.mp3
11_Easy Rhythm.mp3
12_Comin' in Home.mp3
13_Up Jumped the Devil.mp3
14_Jersey Bounce.mp3
15_South Side.mp3
16_Windy City Jive.mp3
17_Swingin' on C.mp3
18_The Father Jumps.mp3
19_The Earl.mp3
20_Blue Keys.mp3

35.1_Count Basie (1937-1944)01_One O'Clock Jump.mp3
03_Swingin' the Blues.mp3
04_Every Tub.mp3
05_Jumpin' At the Woodside.mp3
06_Texas Shuffle.mp3
07_Jive At Five.mp3
08_Oh! Lady be Good.mp3
09_Twelfth Street Rag.mp3
10_Clap Hands! Here Comes Charley.mp3
11_Tickle Toe.mp3
12_I Never Knew.mp3
13_Super Chief.mp3
14_Love Jumped Out.mp3
15_Fiesta in Blue.mp3
16_Red Bank Boogie.mp3
17_Rhythm Man.mp3
18_Yeah Man!.mp3
19_Dance of the Gremlins.mp3
20_Kansas City Stride.mp3
21_Beaver Junction.mp3
22_Circus in Rhythm.mp3
23_Basie Strides Again.mp3

35.2_Artie Shaw (1938-1941)
01_Begin the Beguine.mp3
02_Indian Love Call.mp3
05_Jungle Drums.mp3
07_The Man I Love.mp3
09_The Donkey Serenade.mp3
10_Deep Purple.mp3
11_Serenade to a Savage.mp3
12_Lady be Good.mp3
13_I Surrender Dear.mp3
14_All the Things You Are.mp3
15_I Didn't Know What Time it Was.mp3
16_Diga Diga Doo.mp3
18_Gloomy Sunday.mp3
19_Mister Meadowlark.mp3
21_Blues From 'Lenow Avenue Suite' (Part 1).mp3
22_Blues From 'Lenow Avenue Suite' (Part 2).mp3

35.3_Glenn Miller (1938-1941)
01_King Porter Stomp.mp3
02_Runnin' Wild.mp3
03_Slip Horn Jive.mp3
04_Sold American.mp3
05_Pagan Love Song.mp3
06_Glen Island Special.mp3
07_Wham (Re-Bop-Boom-Bam).mp3
08_I Want to be Happy.mp3
09_My Isle of Golden Dreams.mp3
10_Rug Cutter's Swing.mp3
11_Slow Freight.mp3
12_Bugle Call Rag.mp3
13_My Blue Heaven.mp3
14_What's Your Story Morning Glory.mp3
15_I Dream I Dwelt in Harlem.mp3
16_When That Man is Dead and Gone.mp3
17_The Spirit is Willing.mp3
18_Take the 'A' Train.mp3
19_Swing Low Sweet Chariot.mp3
20_Long Tall Mama.mp3
21_Chip Off the Black.mp3
22_Keep 'Em Flying.mp3

35.4_Bunny Berigan (1937-1939)
01_Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man.mp3
02_Russian Lullaby.mp3
04_Livery Stable Blues.mp3
05_High Society.mp3
06_Sobbin' Blues.mp3
07_Jelly Roll Blues.mp3
08_In a Mist.mp3
10_Davenport Blues.mp3
12_Walkin' the Dog.mp3
13_In the Dark.mp3
14_Little Gate's Special.mp3
15_Jazz Me Blues.mp3
16_Patty Cake, Patty Cake.mp3
17_Peg O' My Heart.mp3
18_Night Song.mp3
19_Ay - Ay - Ay.mp3
20_Ain't She Sweet.mp3

36.1_Gene Krupa (1938-1941)
01_Bolero At the Savoy.mp3
02_I Know That You Know.mp3
03_Fare the Well, Annie Laurie.mp3
04_Wire Bush Stomp.mp3
06_Jeepers Creepers.mp3
07_Murdy Purdy.mp3
09_Grandfather's Clock.mp3
11_Never Felt Better, Never Had Less.mp3
12_Do You Wanna Jump, Children!.mp3
13_The Madam Swings It.mp3
15_Symphony in Riffs.mp3
16_Drummin' Man.mp3
17_Georgia on My Mind.mp3
18_Fool Am I.mp3

36.2_Charlie Barnet (1939)
01_Swing Street Strut.mp3
02_Echoes of Harlem.mp3
03_Scotch and Soda.mp3
04_Only a Rose.mp3
05_I Never Knew.mp3
06_Miss Anabelle Lee.mp3
07_Lazy Bug.mp3
08_Ebony Rhapsody.mp3
09_Lament for a Lost Love.mp3
11_The All Night Record Man.mp3
12_The Last Jump.mp3
13_The Duke's Idea.mp3
14_The Count's Idea.mp3
15_The Right Idea.mp3
16_The Wrong Idea.mp3
17_Ogoun Badagris (Voodoo War God).mp3
18_Oh What You Said (Are We Burnt Up!).mp3
19_Night Claw.mp3
20_Between 18th and 19th on Chestnut Street.mp3
21_Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie.mp3

36.3_Erskine Hawkins (1940-1945)
01_Soft Winds.mp3
03_Riff Time.mp3
04_No Use Squawkin'.mp3
05_Uncle Bud.mp3
07_Blue Sea.mp3
08_Shirpyard Ramble.mp3
09_Hey Doc!.mp3
10_Bicycle Bounce.mp3
11_Lucky Seven (Bill's Tune).mp3
12_Country Boy.mp3
13_Bear Mash Blues.mp3
14_Tippin' In.mp3
16_Drifting Along.mp3
17_Good Dip.mp3
18_Holiday for Swing.mp3

36.4_Lionel Hampton (1945-1946)
01_Vibe Boogie.mp3
02_Screamin' Boogie.mp3
03_Doublin' with Dublin.mp3
04_Ribs and Hot Sauce.mp3
05_Blow Top Blues.mp3
06_Two Finger Boogie.mp3
07_Someday You'll be Sorry.mp3
08_Beulah's Boogie.mp3
10_Punch and Judy.mp3
11_Pinetop's Boogie.mp3
12_On the Sunny Side of the Street Punch and Judy.mp3
13_Rockin' in Rhythm (Part 1).mp3
14_Rockin' in Rhythm (Part 2).mp3
15_Gay Notes.mp3
16_Tempo's Birthday.mp3
17_Hamp's Salty Blues.mp3
18_Ridin' on the L and N.mp3

37.1_Duke Ellington (1941-1947)
01_Chelsea Boogie.mp3
02_What Am I Here For!.mp3
03_Main Stem.mp3
04_Johnny Come Lately.mp3
05_The 'C' Jam Blues.mp3
07_Moon Mist.mp3
08_I'm Beginning to See the Light.mp3
09_Carnegie Blues.mp3
10_Blue Cellophone.mp3
11_Mood to be Wooed.mp3
12_The Mooche.mp3
13_Black and Tan Fantasy.mp3
14_It Don't mean a Thing (If it Ain't Got That Swing).mp3
15_In a Sentimental Mood.mp3
16_Things Ain't What They Used to be (Time's A-Waistin').mp3
17_Magenta Haze.mp3
18_Blue Skies.mp3
19_Sultry Sunset.mp3
20_Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me.mp3
21_Park At 106th.mp3

37.2_Woody Herman (1945-1954)
01_The Good Earth.mp3
03_Your Father's Moustache.mp3
04_Lady McGowan's Dream (Part I & II).mp3
05_Apple Honey.mp3
06_Summer Sequence (Parts I-IV).mp3
07_Not Really the Blues.mp3
08_More Moon.mp3
09_Rhapsody in Wood.mp3
10_Here Come the Blues.mp3
11_Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries.mp3
12_Cohn's Alley.mp3
14_Why Not!.mp3
15_Would He!.mp3
16_Off Shore.mp3
17_Hitting the Bottle.mp3
18_It Happens to Me.mp3
20_Moten Stomp.mp3

37.3_Stan Kenton (1950-1953)
01_Easy Go.mp3
02_Love for Sale.mp3
03_Viva Prado.mp3
04_Something New (Sunset Tower).mp3
05_Theme for Alto.mp3
06_Riff Rhapsody.mp3
08_What's New.mp3
09_Jump for Joe.mp3
10_Night Watch.mp3
13_Lazy Daisy.mp3
14_Mambo Rhapsody.mp3
15_Riff Raff.mp3
16_Star Dust.mp3
17_Bags and Bagage.mp3
18_Bill's Blues.mp3
19_Cool Eyes.mp3
21_Lover Man.mp3
22_Fascinating Rhythm.mp3

37.4_Shorty Rogers (1951-1953)
02_Over the Rainbow.mp3
04_Sam and the Lady.mp3
09_Coup De Graas.mp3
10_Infinity Promenade.mp3
11_Short Stop.mp3
12_Boar - Jibu.mp3
14_Tale of An African Lobster.mp3
15_Chiquito Loco.mp3
16_The Sweetheart of Sigmund Freud.mp3

38.1_The Boswell Sisters (1931-1939)01_Roll on Mississippi, Roll On.mp3
02_Shout, Sister, Shout.mp3
03_Sing a Little Jingle.mp3
04_I Found a Million Dollar.mp3
05_It's the Girl.mp3
06_It's You.mp3
07_Making Faces At the Man in the Moon.mp3
08_I Can't Write the Words.mp3
09_Shine On, Harvest Moon.mp3
10_Heebie Jeebies.mp3
11_River, Stay 'Way From My Door.mp3
12_An Evening in Caroline.mp3
13_Nothing is Sweeter Than You.mp3
14_I Thank You, Mr. Moon.mp3
15_Was That the Human Thing to Do.mp3
16_Put That Sun Back in the Sky.mp3
17_Stop the Sun, Stop the Moon.mp3
18_Everybody Loves My Baby.mp3
19_There'll be Some Changes Made.mp3
20_Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea.mp3
21_If it Ain't Love.mp3
22_Got the South in My Soul.mp3
23_Whad Ja do to Me.mp3
24_When I Take My Sugar to Tea.mp3

38.2_The Mills Brothers (1932-1937)
01_It Don't Mean a Thing.mp3
02_Doin' the New Low Down.mp3
03_St. Louis Blues.mp3
04_Sweet Sue, Just You.mp3
05_Diga Diga Doo.mp3
06_Tiger Rag.mp3
07_Loveless Love.mp3
08_Some of These Days.mp3
10_What's the Reason.mp3
11_Moanin' for You.mp3
12_Don't be Afraid to Tell Your Mother.mp3
13_Since We Fell Out of Love.mp3
14_Lulu's Back in Town.mp3
16_London Rhythm.mp3
17_Shoe Shine Boy.mp3
18_Swing is the Thing.mp3
19_Pennies From Heaven.mp3
20_Swing for Sale.mp3

38.3_Billie Holiday (1933-1936)
01_Your Mother's Son-In-Law.mp3
02_Riffin' the Scotch.mp3
03_I Wished on the Moon.mp3
04_What a Little Moonlight Can Do.mp3
05_Miss Brown to You.mp3
06_A Sunbonnet Blue.mp3
07_What a Night, What a Moon, What a Girl.mp3
08_I'm Painting the Town Red.mp3
09_It's Too Hot for Words.mp3
10_Twenty-Four Hours a Day.mp3
11_Yankee Doodle Never Went to Town.mp3
12_Eeny Meeny Miney Mo.mp3
13_If You Were Mine.mp3
14_These 'n' That 'n' Those.mp3
15_You Let Me Down.mp3
16_Spreadin' Rhythm Around.mp3
17_Life Begins When You're in Love.mp3
18_It's Like Reaching for the Moon.mp3
19_These Foolish Things.mp3

38.4_Mildred Bailey (1935-1939)
01_When Day is Done.mp3
02_I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm.mp3
03_Rockin' Chair.mp3
04_Thanks for the Money.mp3
05_Rock it for Me.mp3
06_'Tain't What You Do.mp3
08_A Cigarette & a Silhouette.mp3
09_You Leave Me Breathless.mp3
10_Savin' Myself for You.mp3
11_Put Your Heart in a Song.mp3
13_Jumps Jumps Here.mp3
14_St. Louis Blues.mp3
15_Barrelhouse Music.mp3
16_Arkansas Blues.mp3
17_There'll be Some Changes Made.mp3
18_A Ghost of a Chance.mp3
19_Darn That Dream.mp3
20_Peace, Brother!.mp3

39.1_Ivie Anderson (1932-1942)
01_It Don't Mean a Thing.mp3
02_I've Got the World on a String.mp3
03_My Old Flame.mp3
04_Troubled Waters.mp3
05_Let's Have a Jubilee.mp3
08_Isn't Love the Strangest Thing.mp3
09_Oh Babe! Maybe Someday.mp3
10_Shoe Shine Boy.mp3
11_It Was a Sad Night in Harlem.mp3
12_I've Got to be a Rug Cutter.mp3
13_There's a Lull in My Life.mp3
14_All God's Chillun Got Rhythm.mp3
15_Alabamy Home.mp3
16_I'm Checkin' Out, Goo'm Bye.mp3
17_Killin' Myself.mp3
18_Me and You.mp3
19_Chocloate Shake.mp3
20_I Got it Bad and That Ain't Good.mp3
21_Jump for Joy.mp3
22_Rocks in My Bed.mp3
23_Hayfoot, Strawfoot.mp3

39.2_Ella Fitzgerald (1936-1940)
01_Organ Grinder's Swing.mp3
02_You Showed Me the Way.mp3
03_Cryin' Mood.mp3
04_Just a Simple Melody.mp3
05_Rock it for Me.mp3
06_I Want to be Happy.mp3
07_The Dipsy Doodle.mp3
08_If Dreams Come True.mp3
10_A-Tisket, A-Tasket.mp3
11_I'm Just a Jitterbug.mp3
12_I Found My Yellow Basket.mp3
14_'Tain't What You Do.mp3
15_Don't Worry 'Bout Me.mp3
16_Stairway to the Stars.mp3
18_Five O'Clock Whistle.mp3

39.3_The Andrews Sisters (1937-1949)
01_Bei Mir Bist Du Schon.mp3
02_Beer Barrel Polka.mp3
03_Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy.mp3
04_Beat Me Daddy, Eight to the Bar.mp3
05_Near You.mp3
06_Rumors Are Flying.mp3
07_Bounce Me Brothers with a Solid Four.mp3
08_Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree.mp3
09_Gimme Some Skin, My Friend.mp3
10_Ac-cent-tchu-ate the Positive.mp3
12_Money is the Root of All Evil.mp3
13_Straighten Up and Fly Right.mp3
14_Shoo, Shoo Baby.mp3
15_Rum and Coca Cola.mp3
16_I Can Dream, Can't I.mp3

39.4_Lena Horne (1936-1944)
01_That's What Love Did to Me.mp3
02_You're My Thrill.mp3
03_The Captain and His Men.mp3
04_Good-For-Nothin' Joe.mp3
05_Haunted Town.mp3
06_St. Louis Blues.mp3
07_Careless Love.mp3
08_Aunt Hagar's Blues.mp3
09_Beale Street Blues.mp3
10_Love Me a Little Little.mp3
11_Don't Take Your Love From Me.mp3
12_Out of Nowhere.mp3
13_Prisoner of Love.mp3
14_As Long as I Live.mp3
15_I'll Wind.mp3
16_Stormy Weather.mp3
17_The Man I Love.mp3
18_Where or When.mp3
19_Mad About the Boy.mp3
20_I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues.mp3
21_Moanin' Low.mp3
22_One for My Baby.mp3
23_I Didn't Know About You.mp3

40.1_Anita O'Day (1940-1945)
01_Deep in the Blues.mp3
02_Let Me Off Uptown.mp3
03_Just a Little Bit South of North Carolina.mp3
04_Slow Down.mp3
05_Georgia on My Mind.mp3
06_Green Eyes.mp3
07_Kick It.mp3
08_Bolero At the Savoy.mp3
09_The Walls Keep Talking.mp3
10_Stop, the Red Light's On.mp3
11_That's What You Think.mp3
13_I'm Going Mad for a Pad.mp3
14_Murder, He Says.mp3
15_Gotta be Gettin'.mp3
16_And Her Tears Flowed Like Wine.mp3
17_Are You Livin' Old Man!.mp3
18_Travelin' Man.mp3
19_I Want a Grown-Up Man.mp3
20_Boogie Blues.mp3
21_Chickery Chick.mp3
22_Tea for Two.mp3
23_Opus I.mp3

40.2_Billy Eckstine (1944-1947)
01_I've Got a Date with Rhythm.mp3
02_I Stay in the Mood for You.mp3
03_Good Jelly Blues.mp3
04_I Want to Talk About You.mp3
05_The Real Thing Happened to Me.mp3
06_Blowing the Blues Away.mp3
07_If That's the Way You Feel.mp3
08_I Love the Rythm in a Riff.mp3
09_Last Night.mp3
10_Oo Bop Sh' Bam.mp3
11_I Love the Loveliness of You.mp3
12_In the Still of the Night.mp3
13_Jelly Jelly.mp3
14_My Silent Love.mp3
15_Time on My Hands.mp3
16_All the Things You Are.mp3
17_In a Sentimental Mood.mp3
18_All of Me.mp3
19_Where Are You!.mp3
20_Prelude to a Kiss.mp3
21_She's Got the Blues for Sale.mp3

40.3_Peggy Lee (1941-1953)
01_How Deep is the Ocean.mp3
02_Blues in the Night.mp3
03_You're Easy to Dance With.mp3
04_Ain't Goin' No Place.mp3
05_Somebody Loves Me.mp3
06_The Freedom Train.mp3
07_Swing Low Sweet Chariot.mp3
08_Somebody Loves Me.mp3
09_There'll be Some Changes Made.mp3
11_I Can't Give You Anything But Love.mp3
12_Happiness is a Thing Called Joe.mp3
13_Them There Eyes.mp3
14_Bye Bye Blues.mp3
15_I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart.mp3
16_You're Driving Me Crazy.mp3
17_They Can't Take That Away From Me.mp3
18_Lover Come Back to Me.mp3
19_(When I Dance with You) I Get Ideas.mp3
20_Whee Baby.mp3
21_I Didn't Know What Time it Was.mp3
22_A Woman Alone with the Blues.mp3

40.4_Nat King Cole (1943-1946)
01_Sweet Lorraine.mp3
02_Embraceable You.mp3
03_It's Only a Papermoon.mp3
04_I Just Can't See for looking.mp3
05_I Realize Now.mp3
06_I'd Love to Make Love to You.mp3
08_You're Nobody 'Till Somebody Loves You.mp3
09_Don't Blame Me.mp3
10_I'm Thru with You.mp3
11_I'm in the Mood for Love.mp3
12_I Don't Know Why.mp3
13_Route 66.mp3
14_Everyone is Sayin' Hello Again.mp3
15_What Can I Say After I Say I'm Sorry.mp3
17_Baby, Baby All the Time.mp3
18_You Call it Madness.mp3
19_Look What You've Done to Me.mp3
20_It Only Happens Once.mp3

41.1_June Christy (1945-1947)
01_I Never Thought I'd Sing the Blues.mp3
02_On the Sunny Side of the Street.mp3
03_Easy Street.mp3
04_No Baby, Nobody But You.mp3
05_I Got the Sun in the Morning.mp3
06_Come Rain or Come Shine.mp3
08_Ride On.mp3
09_That's the Stuff You Gotta Watch.mp3
10_Are You Livin' Old Man!.mp3
11_Shoo Fly Pie and Apple Pan Dowdy.mp3
12_Just A-Sittin' and A-Rockin'.mp3
13_It's Been a Long, Long Time.mp3
14_Ain't No Misery in Me.mp3
15_Willow Weep for Me.mp3
16_Across the Valley From the Alamo.mp3
17_I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart.mp3
18_If I Should Lose You.mp3
19_Day Dream.mp3
20_Little Grass Skirt.mp3
21_Skip Rope.mp3
22_I'll Bet You Do.mp3

41.2_Frank Sinatra (1944-1949)
01_All of Me.mp3
02_Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are.mp3
03_Saturday Night (Is the Loniest Night in the Week).mp3
04_Embraceable You.mp3
05_Someone to Watch Over Me.mp3
06_Aren't You Glad You're You.mp3
07_You Brought a New Kind of Love to Me.mp3
08_The Song is You.mp3
09_Begin the Beguine.mp3
10_That Old Black Magic.mp3
11_Come Rain or Come Shine.mp3
12_September Song.mp3
13_Blue Skies.mp3
14_There's No Business Like Show Business.mp3
15_The Brooklyn Bridge.mp3
16_Sweet Lorraine.mp3
17_One for My Baby (and One for the Road).mp3
18_All of Me.mp3
19_Night and Day.mp3
21_I've Got a Crush on You.mp3
22_Body and Soul.mp3
23_The Hucklebuck.mp3
24_It All Depends on You.mp3

41.3_Dinah Washington (1945-1953)
01_Blues for a Day.mp3
02_Rich's Man Blues.mp3
03_Pacific Coast Blues.mp3
04_Beggin' Mama Blues.mp3
05_My Lovin' Papa.mp3
06_Oo Wee Walkie Talkie.mp3
07_Embraceable You.mp3
08_You Can Depend on Me.mp3
09_Blow Top Blues.mp3
10_Joy Juice.mp3
11_A Slick Chick (On the Mellow Side).mp3
12_Just One More Chance.mp3
13_Ain't Nothin' Good.mp3
14_Don't Get Around Much Anymore.mp3
15_Go Pretty Daddy.mp3
16_Feel Like I Wanna Cry.mp3
17_Lean Baby.mp3
18_Never, Never.mp3
19_I Ain't Goin' to Cry Anymore.mp3
20_Am I Blue.mp3
21_Pennies From Heaven.mp3
22_Set Me Free.mp3
23_My Man's An Undertaker.mp3

41.4_Mel Torme (1946-1954)
01_I Got the Sun in the Morning.mp3
02_It Happened in Monterey.mp3
03_Born to be Blue.mp3
04_What is This Thing Called Love!.mp3
06_Little White Lies.mp3
07_How High the Moon.mp3
08_Blue Moon.mp3
09_Stompin' At the Savoy.mp3
10_Do do Do.mp3
11_Sonny Boy.mp3
12_Recipe for Romance.mp3
13_It's Too Late Now.mp3
14_Got the Gate on the Golden Gate.mp3
15_Cross Your Heart.mp3
16_You're a Heavenly Thing.mp3
17_That Old Black Magic.mp3
18_Goody Goody.mp3
20_It Don't Mean a Thing (If it Ain't Got That Swing).mp3

42.1_Sarah Vaughan (1946-1954)
01_Nice Work if You Can Get It.mp3
02_Can't Get Out of This Mood.mp3
03_Mean to Me.mp3
04_Come Rain or Come Shine.mp3
05_It Might as Well be Spring.mp3
06_Ain't Misbehavin'.mp3
07_The Nearness of You.mp3
08_If You Could See Me Now.mp3
09_Can't Get Out of This Mood.mp3
10_Shulie a Bop.mp3
11_Lover Man.mp3
12_They Can't Take That Away From Me.mp3
13_Prelude to a Kiss.mp3
14_Polka Dots and Moonbeams.mp3
15_Body and Soul.mp3
16_You're Not That Kind.mp3
17_September Song.mp3
18_He's My Guy.mp3
19_April in Paris.mp3
20_Lullaby of Birdland.mp3

42.2_Ella Fitzgerald (1946-1954)
01_I'm Just a Lucky So and So.mp3
02_Oh! Lady be Good.mp3
03_How High the Moon.mp3
04_Black Coffee.mp3
05_In the Evening When the Sun Goes Down.mp3
06_Basin Street.mp3
07_Solid as a Rock.mp3
08_Solid as a Rock.mp3
09_Ain't Nobody's Business But My Own.mp3
10_But Not for Me.mp3
11_Smooth Sailing.mp3
12_Airmail Special.mp3
13_Rough Ridin'.mp3
14_Goody Goody.mp3
15_You'll Have to Swing it Mr. Paganini.mp3
17_Early Autumn.mp3
18_Melancholy Me.mp3
19_Blue Lou.mp3
20_Lullaby of Birdland.mp3

42.3_Joe Williams (1946-1955)
01_Now You Tell Me.mp3
02_Detour Ahead.mp3
03_It's Raining Again.mp3
04_Every Day.mp3
05_They Didn't Believe Me.mp3
06_Blow Mr. Low.mp3
07_Time for Moving.mp3
08_When the Sun Goes Down.mp3
09_Kansas City Blues.mp3
10_Always on the Blues Side.mp3
11_Safe, Sane and Single.mp3
12_All Right, Okay, You Win.mp3
13_The Comeback.mp3
14_Ev'ry Day (I Fall in Love).mp3
15_Every Day I Have the Blues.mp3
16_Teach Me Tonight.mp3
17_Roll 'Em Pete.mp3

42.4_Billie Holiday (1952-1955)
01_I Can't Face the Music.mp3
02_Lover Come Back to Me.mp3
04_How Deep is the Ocean (How High is the Sky).mp3
05_I Cried for You.mp3
06_What a Little Moonlight Can Do.mp3
07_Love Me or Leave Me.mp3
08_Stormy Blues.mp3
09_Willow Weep for Me.mp3
10_Too Marvellous for Words.mp3
11_I Thought About You.mp3
12_P.S. I Love You.mp3
13_Stormy Weather.mp3
14_Love for Sale.mp3
15_I Get a Kick Out of You.mp3
16_Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me.mp3
17_I Got a Right to Sing the Blues.mp3
18_It Had to be You.mp3
19_Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone.mp3